Southland – Episode 3-10 Review

The third season of Southland has come to an end, and all signs are pointing towards a likely renewal, which is nice because “Graduation Day” changes thing up a bit. At long last, Ben graduates from probationary status and will no longer be under the thumb of John Cooper. But the way in which this happens is very dramatic. After chasing down a suspect and nearly getting hurt badly with John lagging far behind, Ben snaps, giving John an ultimatum: either go to rehab or he’ll be reported. John takes the rehab route in a very dramatic scene. There’s a little twist at the end with the reveal that Ben and Sammy are partners now. Cool I guess…

Josie finds out about her son and Lydia, and is naturally irate. While Lydia does her best to apologize and Josie cools off after a bit, it remains unresolved whether they will stay partners. I hope they stay together since they have gotten a lot better together as the season progressed, and there is still plenty to explore between them.

Chickie says she’s probably going to Metro, but does that mean she’s leaving permanently? If she is, the episode doesn’t give her a proper send off since the focus is on Dewey, who shows compassion for a hooker. After killing the pedestrian earlier in the season, maybe Dewey is trying to find a way to redeem himself.

I don’t want to pile more shit on Sammy, but why isn’t he trying to get custody? Tammi is insane! She’ll probably bake the baby in the oven! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but her behavior is anything but normal and potentially dangerous.

Score: 9.3/10