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Welcome friends to the Weekly Wednesday Wrestling stop for all things WWE and TNA!  Nothing against the other competitors, but it’s hard to see them regularly. I am your always present, sometimes delayed, hostest with the mostest Rhett Davis!  Today I’m taking a look at the feud that has everyone turning heads:  Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks.  I jest.  I’m actually looking at the feud that is being done all wrong.  But first I need to do some self-promotion because… well… everyone else is doing it!

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In case you missed Raw, feel free to check out Andrew Wheeler’s FYC piece, Jake Ziegler’s Review, and of course my 10 thoughts on the show!  Enough with the cheap plugs, moving on…

If you were to take a look at the last few weeks of Raw who would you guess were fighting at WrestleMania?  Orton and Punk would be one match that I believe will steal the show if given time.  What I wouldn’t give to see Orton tap out to the Anaconda Vise… Triple H and The Undertaker would be the next match on the list and rightfully so.  There has been so much publicity for this match that you would think it would end the show and it very well could.  I personally hope that Triple H pulls out the Sledge Hammer since it is a No Holds Barred Match (even though in all actuality the only thing that should be allowed is low blows since the title only allows ‘holds’, but I digress).  The King and Cole feud is really grabbing some attention with the addition of Steve Austin as the special referee, but I can’t wait until Austin And of course the match between Alberto Del Rio and Edge which is the match I’m most anxious to see because I love Edge as a face and ADR as his aggressive pursuer.  But the match that may have fans confused is the WWE title match and that’s unusual.

Most years it’s OVERKILL on who is in the WWE Championship match, but this year the champ has been totally ignored.  I get that its big press for The Rock and John Cena to be down each others necks, but to have them interact one week per response is getting stale and doing nothing for The Miz.  The Miz is the WWE Champion, green or not.  The Match at WrestleMania is The Miz versus John Cena not The ROCK versus John Cena.  It’s doubtful that The Rock will be the Special Guest Referee because having Austin AND The Rock as refs would just be too much for one night.  The Rock said he isn’t stepping into the ring again as a competitor so that only leaves him to either a) run interference and cost one or the other the title or b) or to have a posedown with Cena ala WrestleMania 18 with Hogan and The Rock.

Running interference would be okay, but no way could this match be the final event with an interference ending.  Vinny Mac loves ending the big show with the Good Guy on top and an interference victory would do nothing for Miz or Cena.  The only way that would work is if he hit Cena over the head and Cena came back from it and actually won straight up against Miz.  The posedown would be a great finale to Mania, but would be a little absurd after everything Rock and Cena have said about each other over the last month or so.  Course then again… Hogan hit Rock with a Diesel.  The truck not the Finger Poke of Doom guy.  So weirder things have happened.

Back to subject, Miz attacking Cena on Raw was brilliant and was just what he needed to do to get both Rock and Cena’s attention.  The post beat down promo is the best I’ve seen since Punk called out Orton on punting him in the head two years ago and it may be better than that!  I felt goosebumps when Miz looked directly into the camera and introduced himself to The Rock.  It’s just like all of those movies where the bad guy ensnares the face and has to tell him his plot.  It was absolutely great.  It felt as if The Miz was looking deep into my soul and that’s some creepy stuff.  I can’t recall ever feeling that kind of intensity from a promo this side of the Attitude era.

If Cena were to show that kind of intensity to counteract Miz’s desire to not be overlooked, then this feud would be great.  The feud should have been John Cena focused on The Miz to begin with, but now they have only three weeks to really build up Cena taking Miz seriously where they could have had five or six weeks at least.  Ever since Miz cost Cena his shot at the Royal Rumble he should have been all over his back trying to break him in half.  Instead… he focuses on The Rock who hurt his feelings.  The best way to save this feud is for John to stop worrying about The Great One and start worrying about The Awesome One.

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