Wednesday Comments – Comics, Trades and Hardcovers, Oh My!

I’m so backed up in terms of comic reading. Actually I’ve got mounds of pop culture to catch up on. I’ve got plenty of dvds and shows that need watching. I’ve got magazines that need reading and cds that need listening to.

But mostly I’ve stacks of comics that I need to read. Most of it is stuff that I’ve picked up within the last 12 months, but I’ve got older stuff that I haven’t read as well. For the sake of the column I’ll break it down into three categories; Comics, Trades and Hardcovers.


I haven’t read a G.I. Joe title in almost six months. I pick up G.I. Joe in addition to Cobra and Origins every month, but they usually end up on the bottom of my read list. I enjoy the books, but I guess I don’t consider them “must reads.”

I’ve also been picking collecting DMZ. I’ve got the complete run, but I’ve really only read first couple of arcs. I keep telling myself that I’m going to sit down and dive in, but that’s yet to happen.


I’ve got a ton of Alan Moore stuff to read in trades. In addition to the second Top Ten trade, I’ve got both of his Supreme trades and the final four Promethea trades to read.

And I’ve got some Catwoman trades to read too. I’ve got When In Rome and Selina’s Big Score that are just collecting dust.

Oh and I’ve got Wildcats 3.0, in trade form waiting for me to experience again. And I’ve got the second Criminal trade too.


First up, I’ve got the final two Starman Omnibuses. I really want to read them again, not just for the closure but to revisit the awesomeness that was Jack Knight. Man, I love that book.

I’ve also got some Vertigo graphic novels that need some attention. From Vertigo Crime I’ve got The Executor and Rat Catcher. I’ve also got Dark Rain, something I swore I was going to tear into, but just ended up putting off to the side.

And as if to make matters worse; my comic shop is having a moving sale this week, so I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be picking up more stuff to add to my “to read list.”

But I guess that’s my optimism at work; I honestly believe that I’ll be able to catch up on my reading…eventually.

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