10 Thoughts On… American Idol Top 13 Performance Review

10 Thoughts On American Idol Top 13 Performance Review

1. I honestly didn’t even think this was the same group of singers who performed last week. This show was significantly better. Last week I questioned the Top 24. This week they erased any doubt.

2. Very strong performance by Casey Abrams. The song choice was perfect but he once again channeled Taylor Hicks and I am worried that will hurt him in the future.

3. My pick to win, Lauren Alaina didn’t have the strongest night but I expect her to come back strong.

4. James Durbin and Jacob Lusk are phenomenal talents. Both will be successful outside of Idol regardless of whether they win the competition or not.

5. I was very surprised by Pia. I thought that she was a one-week wonder and I totally expected her to fall off this week. She was much better than expected.

6. I don’t think Stefano, Ashthon, or Karen are long for the competition.

7. I know Paul McDonald will be ripped by many for his underrated take on Ryan Adams and I think he did a spectacular job and is a phenomenal talent.

8. I felt like Scott McCreary was talking, not singing.

9. Simon was definitely missed tonight. Not enough meanness in the judging panel. I felt like everybody got a rave review.

10. Naima was the best of the night. Period. Spectacular comeback.