America’s Next Top Model– Episode 16-3 Review

The terror in their eyes can only mean one thing…

You wanna be on top? Well, you better be prepared to cut your hair, dye your hair, do that ugly bleaching thing to your eyebrows, or do whatever else Tyra and Co. have decided is in store for you, because it’s makeover time!

I love this episode every “cycle”. It’s like the last fifteen minutes of What Not To Wear, but on ten girls who already think they’re perfect. The tears, the whining, the panic. It’s hilarious.

Flow It, Show It, Long As Tyra Can Buy It

Mr. and Miss J(ay) greeted the girls at the salon for their makeovers, although Miss J was the one who really needed some fixin’. Seriously, what was up with the crack addict bedhead hair? Is Miss J going for an Annette Bening meets Tim Burton meets Charlie Sheen look? Was that explained and I just missed it? Was it to scare the girls into thinking they’d all look like they’re “winning”? Anyway, I digress.

Best makeover?

Brittani’s haircut – a black bob with bangs – totally worked for her. Seriously, I loved it. I might do it myself. The best part of the day was when Miss J tricked Jaclyn into thinking they were going to shave her head, when really they kept her brunette curls. You’ve got to respect Jaclyn for taking the (albeit false) news in stride, and I’m glad they kept her beautiful curls.

Monique’s hair was a little shorter, but extensions added thickness and it was very sexy. Sara’s androgyny was played up with a short cut, which worked a lot better than that rat tail she had going on. Alexandria solidified her reputation as a diva when she freaked out at the hairdressers over cheap extensions. Seriously, girl? A lot of girls have cried over cutting hair, but who cries over adding hair?

Molly vs. The Weave

Dominique worried at first, but could you blame her? She had maroon frizz! Once the big wavy extensions were in, she looked a lot better. Molly had to have a special person come in to do some kind of crazy basket weave for her makeover. It wasn’t good. Even the salon owner said it looked like “Twisted Sister”. They styled it for a photo, but no one was really happy with the result.

Michaela’s sleek black hair was gorgeous, and I liked Kasia’s blond curls. I wished they’d done something edgier with Dalya, though. Her face is gorgeous, but they gave her really typical Naomi Campbell hair when they should have gone Rihanna. Hannah had almost no changes because, frankly, she was already adorable.

Bonjour, Couture

Brittani and Hannah – Tres adorable, non?

For the photo shoot the girls shot in groups, and got to wear gorgeous couture gowns. The girls were styled by Lori Goldstein, who said “A little John Galliano never hurt anybody”. Oh, poor Lori. I’m guessing a few people now would beg to differ. The models also got to wear some very funky hats, which meant no one had to immediately deal with the aftermath of their makeovers.

First up was Molly and Kasia – both girls are beautiful and have blond curls, so it was interesting to see who would come out on top.

Once again, Alexandria’s attitude was a problem. She had a pimple on her lip and wanted to simultaneously not talk about it and only talk about it. She posed with Monique, and neither one of them seemed to shine.

Sara and Michaela posed together, which seemed like a good match since they’re both very unique. Unfortunately, there was ZERO chemistry, personality, or pizazz in the photos.

I was glad Hannah and Brittani posed together because right now they’re my two favorites. They struggled at first, but they’re just both so adorable that you had to love them.

Forget Her?

Finally Dayla, Jaclyn and Dominique posed together. The weak link was Dominique, which may have been because she was dressed in Cee-Lo’s costume from the Grammys.


Best line of the night? When Jaclyn, after mouthing “I’m so scared of her” to one of the other girls about Alexandria, told the confessional camera “Alexandria, she thinks she runs everyone, she thinks she can tell everyone what to do. And I don’t want to sound like a mean, rude person but there comes a point where you start to cross the line.” Oh, honey. Call me. I’ll hook you up with some insults.

While Alexandria walked around the house crossing lines, Molly laid in bed moaning about her hair some more. The hair sucked, I’ll give her that, but the 24/7 sulkface wasn’t helping much.


Is it just me, or does Tyra seem much more relaxed and cool this season? Most of it is the hair, but it’s her clothes and attitude too. But enough about her – let’s talk photos.

Monique and Alexandria

Monique & Alexandria: This photo turned out much better than I expected. I kind of wished Alexendria’s photo had been lousy because I don’t like her much, but she looked good. Luckily, the judges called her out on her diva behavior.
Brittani & Hannah:  I loved this photo. Both girls looked stunning, and the contrast of their look really worked. I love both these models.
Dalya, Jaclyn & Dominique: Dominique was certainly the odd one out in this photo. Jaclyn really shone and Dalya looked great, but Dominique looked like she should be cropped out. Her face looked…not pretty, and she wasn’t really interacting with the other girls. It was weak.
Michaela & Sara: This photo was just OK. I don’t think Sara looked great, and it seemed like a chance shot.
Molly & Kasia: Luckily Molly looked great in this shot, because Tyra promised to fix the malfunctioning weave if she stuck around. Kasia looked good as well, but I don’t think I liked this photo as much as the judges did.

Karma isn’t aware of ANTM I guess, because Alexandria was called first. How are you punishing a bad attitude by giving her best photo? Next up was Molly, bad weave and all, then Brittani, Kasia, Jaclyn, Hannah, Monique, Dalya and Michaela.

If only they’d given her a hat…

Sara and Dominique, could you predictably step forward? Really, it didn’t matter which of these two girls went home. Could you see either of them winning the competition? They both delivered weak photos, but I knew the judges would give quirky Sara a second shot. So Dominique and her interesting freckles were sent packing, along with her giant red weave. Do you think Tyra and the judges made the right decision? Who got the best makeover?