Lights Out – Episode 1-9 Review

At the end of the last episode, I was thoroughly convinced Ed was the greatest trainer ever. He’s dedicated to Lights, has good explanations for his methods, and has a great track record. This week, however, we see all the flaws in him, as warned by Reynolds, leading the the dissolution of Lights and Ed.

What we didn’t see last week is how far Ed is willing to go. To him, preparing for a fight is a full immersion, every action a contribution to winning the fight and not one negative. This leads to certain complications, as Ed doesn’t believe even interacting with Pops or Johnny will help Lights. But it is detrimental to Lights because family is important to him, putting Lights at direct odds with Ed. Eventually, Lights decides to get rid of Ed. In response, Ed decides to confront Johnny, who goads Ed into attacking him. Ultimately, Lights is stabbed, which will obviously complicate things. You can’t really blame anyone for what happened. Johnny is a bastard, but you can kind of see his point. I sympathize with Ed, but he does go too far.

I like that we see another side of Reynolds this week, and we begin to question whether he is this self-centered guy everyone talks about. He has a wife and kid and seems like a pretty cool guy. So is Ed wrong?

Score: 9.0/10


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