Spoiler Warnings: Does Oracle Die In Birds Of Prey #10 By Gail Simone?

As the Death or Oracle draws to a close we watch it all unfold in this one issue.

The Calculator believes that he killed Oracle, having blown up the craft she appeared to arrive in to save her teammates. Selling her ‘death’, the rest of the Birds go into ass-kick mode and proceed to beat Calculator and his goons senseless. On top of that, they get it into his head that he just killed someone that everyone owed favors to, that he just pissed off Superman. And, on top of that, Oracle has thousands of ghosts, and it will never stop haunting him.

The new status quo has Babs in the shadows, the Oracle identity dead, and the hero community outside of the Bat family not informed. The ‘death of Oracle’ is being sold hard on all sides, with Proxy (Wendy Harris, daughter of Calculator, co-star in the always amazing Batgirl) filling in for Oracle’s former data gathering and retrieving. So what will Babs be doing? Well, let’s hear it from her.

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