White Collar – Episode 2-16 Review

I haven’t reviewed White Collar in a while for a couple reasons. Tuesday is a busy television day and I already spend too much time reviewing shows. Second, White Collar never really grabs me. I like it, but I never feel like a have to say something unlike shows where I may have a lot to say whether it is positive or negative. Now that the excuses are out of the way, I have a few things about the season finale.

There is a definite sense of urgency in “Under The Radar,” which is a bit contrived since Neal and Peter just hop into the limo with Adler, but it’s fairly exciting. The final twist at the end is great, as long as the writers actually maintain this going through the season. If Peter and Neal are back to normal at the end of the episode and Neal doesn’t do anything with the artifacts, the twist will be pointless. But the writers could also inject needed instability into the relationship. Neal, after all, is a criminal but the emphasis, through the two seasons, has been that he’s a good person. A little temptations would be nice.

Score: 8.8/10