10 Thoughts on WWE (The Miz, Stone Cold, Edge, Michael Cole)

We’re getting closer to WrestleMania and things just keep picking up every week as expected on the road to the event. Another match, another Hall of Fame inductee, and more hype for WrestleMania weekend. Here are the 10 thoughts for this week:

1. Alberto Del Rio and Edge’s contract signing on Smackdown was no different than any other contract signing in the WWE. A fight broke out between the two and after Ricardo Rodriguez got involved, Christian made the save for Edge. Anything before Christian came out was just the usual contract signing but it was a nice throwback for older fans to see Edge and Christian back together.

2. Undertakers response to Triple H was admirable.  He definitely did a better job than Triple H did on Raw prior to this, especially when mentioning that they are the last of a dying breed.  The hype for the HHH/Taker match at WrestleMania has been great so far. It won’t be a better match than the last two HBK/Taker matches but with the no holds barred stipulation, it makes things more interesting.

3. As expected with the Big Show/Kane match, The Corre interfered. The Corre gave a beat down to Big Show after Kane hit him with a steel chair. They beat on him until Justin Gabriel backed into Kane. Kane then smacked Gabriel with the chair and that’s about it for that one. Not much to say about it because it’s been the same thing for weeks now excluding Kane’s part in this.

4. Can someone explain to me why people are getting fired every week on Smackdown? Is this just a cheap way to send them to Raw? Drew McIntyre was added to the list of “Unemployed” Superstars after his match with Edge. The finish to the match was interesting. Instead of the usual Spear, Edge used a new submission maneuver to make McIntyre submit.

5. So what’s next for David Otunga? This Monday on Raw, Randy Orton punted him in the head and put him on the shelf after they’re match. There are only 2 members of Nexus left, Mason Ryan and CM Punk, is the end of Nexus coming soon? I can’t see where they are going to go with this the day of WrestleMania and after it but this feud has been entertaining thus far. Only time will tell what happens to Nexus in the next few weeks.

6. Sunny was announced as the next inductee for the Hall of Fame and is definitely deserving of it. She was the first true diva in the WWE during the mid-90’s. She paved the way for divas like Sable, Trish Stratus and Lita. I would have mentioned some of the divas from this era but I read that the Bella Twins didn’t even know what the WWE was before they were called.

7. The contract signing for the Special Guest Referee in the Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler match was fantastic. At first they pulled a pretty big swerve by having JBL come out to sign the contract. The building erupted when Stone Cold Steve Austin came out afterwards. You knew a Stunner and some beer were coming but it never gets old. Now before I mention this, in no way do I think Michael Cole is up there with Bobby Heenan but his reaction as Austin signed the contract reminded me of Heenan crying over Ric Flair during the ’92 Royal Rumble and WrestleMania VIII.

8. I really hope somebody lays the Smackdown on Snooki next week. That is all.

9. Raw may have gotten somewhat of a boost by adding Dolph Ziggler to the roster. This freshens things up for him and hopefully he will have some good feuds over on Raw. His feuds on Smackdown with Rey Mysterio and Edge were fun to watch but I can see him having some good ones with John Cena, Randy Orton and maybe even CM Punk.

10. Not to sound like a typical John Cena hater but his final blow to The Rock was awful. It was a bit obvious he was going to take some shots at Rock not showing up live. The shirt that said “I Bring It, via Satellite” was good but not enough to save the rest of it. The Miz made a sneak attack on him just moments after and proved why he is one of the better talkers in the WWE right now. Miz using Rock’s quote and the People’s Elbow was gold. It left you wondering, how is The Rock going to respond to this? It’s something we probably won’t actually find out until WrestleMania but makes things interesting for the next couple of weeks.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles folks.

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