Bones – Episode 6-15 Review

Hannah who? Now that Bones is past the latest pointless roadblock, it’s actually digging into deeper themes that it could have been explored earlier in the season. “The Killer in the Crosshairs” features the return of Jacob Broadsky, the sniper who killed the Gravedigger, and he’s killing other evildoers who have escaped serious punishment.

But the episode goes far beyond the usual plot of catching criminals, with Booth question his motives and mindset. Always looking for answers, Brennan wonders if Booth is somehow similar to Broadsky, which causes Booth distress. While there are similarities between the two–both being snipers, having a strong sense of justice–there is clearly a major difference in the way the two do business, and Brennan clarifies her positions, perhaps too cleanly, saying that Broadsky is bad and Booth is good.

Vincent isn’t featured much in the episode but like the other interns, he’s reversed course on his quirk and active attempts to have conversations instead of blurting out factoids. The other subplot is Hodgins and Angela getting the right to name their child–but only after Hodgins agrees to have Angela’s father’s face tattooed on his arm.

Score: 8.9/10