Jim Ross Talks Money in the Bank at Wresltemania 27, Triple H Risking Career

JR on…

Triple H’s Career being on the line: Not sure where the rumor that if HHH doesn’t beat the Undertaker at WM27 that The Game will retire. Who started that one? Nice dirt for some websites I guess but no validity in it whatsoever as best I know.

I do think that Taker vs. HHH will be the best, old school wrestling match at WM27 but with it being NHB one can obviously see those elements added to the equation. I expect this match to be more physical than Taker’s last two Wrestlemania main events and even though I think ‘the Streak’ is figuratively sacred, no one is untouchable.

MitB at Mania: It looks as if a MITB Ladder match at WM27 appears to be a long shot. Before I would think about joining those that have already indicted the unannounced under card I think that I will reserve my opinions until I actually see the card. Appearing on the WM27 under card is a big deal in my eyes and provides talents with valuable minutes to maximize on the biggest stage of their professional lives and this can be accomplished in something other than a flying, crash fest.

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