ThaOShow #210: Interview w/Danny Doring on ECW [Podcast]

O-sters! Tha O-riginal brothaz of O, Big Daddy Donnie and your bro, Dan-e-o are BACK in Tha Sick-O Zone to bring you a DASTARDLY 210th episode of “Tha O Show”!

Along with another O-riginal member of tha Fam-O-ly, “Fatty” Frank Fronte as well as technical producer Voodoo Drew of So Sick Social Club and “Junglist” Jewells Malone, tha boys deliver another dope dose of O-someness.

Today, Royal Touch if off to Las Vegas, shortly to be joined by Dan-e-o for Monolith member, Korry Deez’s wedding.

On this week’s show, you’ll get…

“Tha Os And NOs”.

“Tha Pit Stop” with The Notorious T.I.D.

“Tha Round Table” with former ECW superstar, Danny Doring!

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