The Big Bang Theory – Episode 4-18 Review

By now, it’s clear that The Big Bang Theory is heading back towards a Leonard-Penny relationship. The pieces are set in place–Leonard who rarely gets women and Penny who realizes how great Leonard is–Priya is in the way.

The writers try to set up Priya as a inadequate, bitchy girlfriend, but from my perspective, it reflects badly on Leonard as well. Priya might have been bitchy when she told Leonard not to be friends with Penny anymore, but not all the blame lies on her. Leonard is a wimp who’ll do practically anything because she’s a girl who has sex with him, so he cows to her every whim without ever pushing back. Once Priya sees how easily Leonard bends to her, she’s willing to go as far as telling Leonard to break off ties with Penny.

Sheldon knows how to use the internet, right? A simple search for “magic tricks” would have pulled up many variations of the trick Howard used, and it seems like Sheldon was only curious how the trick was done. If he’s willing to outright ask Howard how he does it, what’s wrong with the internet?

Even if the plots aren’t jelling, I usually find something funny about every episode. “The Prestidigitation Approximation,” however, didn’t have anything that really made me laugh or even smile.

Score: 7.8/10