10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 03.11.2011 – Edge, Christian, Triple H, John Cena, Rey Mysterio

Reviewing the 3/11/11 episode of Friday Night Smackdown…

1. Smackdown started off with Edge and Alberto Del Rio each asking each other if they knew who the other one was. Not back and forth, but I thought that was funny as it happened within a few minutes of each other. Did Edge steal that from Del Rio? The segment eventually led to a tag team match with the reuniting Edge and Christian to take on Alberto Del Rio and his protege from NXT S4 Brodus Clay. Clay looked rather awkward in the ring. He is a unique looking individual and definitely a big man, but he almost looked like a deer in headlights after every “big” move he hit in the opening segment. Brodus needs to probably just stand there and look menacing and not do too many things for a while. Part of that is WWE’s fault. You can not rush these guys to TV.

2. Big Show delivered a receipt to Kane with that chairshot after their impromptu tag match with The Corre. The only problem was it was so awkward and out of no where I don’t think the live crowd knew what it was for. Show could only shrug it off himself in a funny moment.

3. So weird to see the Raw replay and the Michael Cole/JBL embrace since the last time I remember those two together on Smackdown JBL was poking fun at Cole and bullying him around the broadcast table.

4. Cody Rhodes has evidently dropped the “Dashing” part of his name. Not sure if it’s for good, I believe it will depend on the direction of the character. I can’t imagine him wearing the face shield for the rest of his career like he is some sort of gargoyle or something. It does give him a serious edge and chip on his shoulder for his character going into Wrestlemania against Rey Mysterio. Speaking of which, Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes was made official when Cody came back out after Rey’s match with his former Dashingly Sinister partner, Drew McIntyre and got his answer from Rey.

5. Anyone who has watched WWE at length will remember Triple H lost to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 17. I know it’s for business purposes and trying to sell the match/build it up, but still, WWE fans aren’t stupid. Completely ignoring that fact is insulting to long time fans. Still, the Shawn Michaels videos are a nice side touch to the match. In fact, at this point you have to expect that Shawn Michaels will interfere in that match at some point, especially with it being No Holds Barred. Both the videos WWE produced for the Shawn narrated segment and the Triple H highlight video were excellent as per the norm with WWE with their library of footage. Triple H followed up the HBK video with a solid in ring promo that tied Shawn’s comments into his own thoughts. Triple H towed the line in confidence into what could be another heel run following his match with Taker. In fact if this match isn’t last, then Triple H will probably attack Undertaker and kick off a summer long feud with him where he’ll get his revenge win down the road.

6. While John Cena appearing on Smackdown should be a huge deal, the real star of the segment was Michael Cole’s continued heel act. Cena was brief in his comments towards The Miz, but Cole kept needling him until Cena snapped and was about to beat up Michael Cole until Swagger made the save. Swagger and Cole continue to be an entertaining act with Cole the mouth of Swagger and Jack being solid in the ring. If Cole helps Swagger get back to the top or achieve his potential then WWE needs to keep them together.

7.  While it is always great to see Kaitlyn on Smackdown she doesn’t belong in the ring right now any more than Brodus Clay. She basically got squashed by Layla and humiliated by Lay Cool. Kaitlyn was perfect for the love triangle with Dolph & Vickie. But for now, WWE needs to find someone to pair the beautiful Kaitlyn with while she continues to train. There is no doubt there is potential, but again, WWE has to be patient with these newcomers.

8.  Line Of the Night:

Edge to Alberto Del Rio w/ Brodus Clay

Edge– “I know who you are. Yeah. You’re the Ricky Martin look-a-like trying to reform Menudo with King Hippo there.”

9. Match of the Night:

Rey Mysterio vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre continues to impress me with his improvement in not only his viciousness and intensity, but how entertaining his matches have become. Drew has been bringing his ‘A’ game to the ring as of late and has really stepped it up. Rey Mysterio also proves time and time again that not only is he a selling machine, but with the right opponent or after a few matches he can almost always have excellent chemistry with them. Rey vs. Alberto Del Rio or Jack Swagger come to mind in the past year of stellar TV matches. This was another one. Great job to both men.

10. Final Show Thoughts:

WWE debuted the vignette of the Mexican superstar Sin Cara(aka Mistico). Sin is going to draw comparisons to Rey Mysterio immediately especially when he debuts for his size and look alone. Hopefully WWE capitalizes on big time matches between the two before Rey retires. Obviously Alberto Del Rio will be a top opponent as well. Seeing Christian and Edge re-team after five plus years was a nice treat for this edition to Smackdown. Edge had entertaining and strong words in his in ring promo, Christian cut a very solid prematch promo before Edge walked into the locker room to get him for the match. Very cool to see them stand together again. It was unfortunate one of their opponents was a big lumbering hesitating NXT rookie. Brodus didn’t look quite as bad as he did earlier in the show, but he does need a lot more seasoning before being allowed to work on TV let alone a TV Main Event. Alberto Del Rio didn’t exactly help raise his stock on this show, as this edition was overshadowed by the massive star power of guest stars John Cena and Triple H as well as the Edge/Christian reunion. Cena didn’t impress me in his Smackdown appearance here, Cole stole the show there. Triple H did about the best he could to sell his chances against the Undertaker in a very strong in ring promo.

Show MVPs:

Edge and Christian

They brought their usual strong promo and ring effort. This show’s Main Event was built on the reformation of their tag team.

That is all.

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