Alien Films to Have Separate Blu-ray Releases

Are you a fan of the Alien series, but can’t afford to shell out tons of dough for the massive Blu-Ray box set that was released last October?

Or are you a fan of some of the films, but not all of them?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions then here is some good news for you!

There are early reports from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment that May 10 will see the release of the four Alien movies as individual titles. Alien, Aliens, AlienĀ³ and Alien: Resurrection.

It seems these separate releases will be single-disc released only and not include the plethora of special features that were part of The Anthology Archives. (Something we alluded to last October.)

I for one am excited about this. While I psychotically love the first two films, I really don’t see the later two as worthy of owning which is why I’ve always avoided the giant Alien box sets that have been released. It’s a shame these won’t be packed to the gills with special features. This is probably a move to encourage fans to buy the more expensive collection.

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