Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Smackdown! 03.11.2011 — Triple H, Edge, Alberto del Rio

Here we go! Edge kicks everything off, entering in his snappy jeans. A quick recap of Alberto’s attack last week, and how Captain Charisma saved the day! Back to Edge, who is very angry and shouting all over the place. Alberto interrupts, with Brodus Clay at his side (I assume, I did not watch NXT). Alberto seems extra serious today, and vows once more to take the title away from Edge at Mania. Another brawl breaks out, with Edge pouncing on both men, but del Rio and Clay take control. Where’s Christian…there he is! But Clay neutralizes, taking care of Christian. Teddy Long is out now, which I assume means there will be a tag team match between the two. And, I’m right.

Right off the bat, I’m loving this episode.

Time for Cole to jabber on about his match at Mania, and apparently he’s interviewing Cena later tonight. Hm.


Big fire can only mean…Kane! A recap of his unleashed fury on The Big Show, as well as The Corre. Barrett enters once it’s over, mic in hand. He explains that Kane has made some mistakes and calls him a “great big chemical experiment mistake”…

Bell rings, and we’re off. Barrett jumps, cornering the Big Red Machine, but not for very long. That cues the rest of Corre to run out, jump in, attack, and get Barrett disqualified.

Grade: N/A

They’re all taking turns stomping on Kane, but Show comes out with a chair, staring them down and running them off.

Abrupt commercial, which starts with the ad for Snooki’s appearance on Raw. I will not be watching it. Like, at all. And I implore you all to do the same.

Well, a lot happened during the commercial, I guess. Show and Kane against Slater and Barrett. Slater is getting manhandled like a good woman by Show, and tags in Barrett. Show has Barrett in the corner, throwing big punches, Chokeslam attempt, but Barrett fights out and gets Big Show on the ground. He tags in Slater, whose hair is flopping around wildly as he tries to pin but instead gets a flying lesson. Chinlock on Show, who simply stands up and drops Slater. Kane tags in, to the top rope, and he is surprisingly quick and energetic. Signals for Chokeslam, but Gabriel and Zeke attack, forcing the bell to ring.

Grade: D-
I was just starting to get into it when there was another disqualification courtesy of the Corre. I very much enjoy the whole “pack mentality” angles, but for god’s sake, I want wrestling!

Déjà vu! They attack Kane, and Show actually uses the chair on Corre. Once they leave, Show slams one down on Kane, for revenge/good measure.


Come back, and hey look! Another video recap. Would you look at that. This time, centering around Cole, and the whole JBL/Stone Cold ordeal. That was a great segment, but how about a match in the time it took to show it in its entirety? I understand, they’re gearing up for Mania, and all the epicness that will take place. But I still think it’s a bit too much. I’ve seen great video packages of condensed action, set to great music. Toss that in there, instead.


Cody Rhodes makes his way out, and might I just say how I simply adore everything he’s doing as of late. Who would have thought?

JTG is already in the ring, but they remind us of what transpired between Cody, Dusty Rhodes, and Rey before the match begins. Cody is still donning his sweet suit.

Bell rings. Cody tearing JTG apart, Crossrhodes, and it’s over.

Grade: F
Did what it was meant to, I suppose. But still…

Cody books it out of the ring, retreating very quickly, and covering his face.

Time for the video package of Shawn talking about Hunter. Again.

Cole approaches the ring in preparation of the Cena interview.


They replay what went down on Monday, with Miz attacking. Back to Smackdown, Cena has a solemn face. Cole begins to speak but Cena rips it out of his hands. He starts talking about how Miz made a mistake, how she should have flown under the radar, but that he has Cena’s attention now. He promises to “break his face” and turns to leave, but Cole stops him. Cole thinks that Cena is not only underestimating Miz, but that he might be a bit afraid, as well. Cena’s big response is to take off his shirt and grab hold of Cole, which causes Swagger to run out and save him. Cena quickly gets rid of him, and stares down Cole. Up in the AA, but Swagger is back and takes the AA for him.


Sin Cara vignette upon return, and I am very, very excited.

Time for a recommended daily allowance of LayCool! Layla is dressed for action. AND KAITLYN! Oh, how I’ve missed her. She looks great, but the song has got to go.

Here we go. Kaitlyn shoves Layla hard, then promptly slams her hard. Michelle checks on her, but Layla is torn away. Kaitlyn goes after Michelle, giving Layla the advantage to win.

Grade: F
I actually really like Kaitlyn, and she won the damn thing on NXThree. Come on, guys.

The lovely ladies target the youngster, Michelle landing her knee on the back of Kaitlyn’s head.


Reyburt enters. Followed by Drew McIntyre.

First bit of action consisted of Drew’s massive boot hitting Rey’s face. Moments later, a backbreaker and early cover, for two. Rey builds up with a few punches, only to be thrown into the corner. But wait, 619 position, Drew moves but Rey slides out without skipping a beat, dropping Drew into the side of the ring. Rey pushes him back into the ring, goes to the steps but Drew pushes him into the steel post. Drew on the top step, dropping him hard on the side of the ring.


Come back and Rey is in trouble. He’s thrown around like a football, both men to the top rope. Rey fights, Drew falls, Rey hits the senton, goes for a Crossbody but misses. Rey gets fired up, finally delivers the sneakiest 619, and wins.

Grade: B-
Great showing from both. It wasn’t off-the-wall spectacular, but pretty damn good. There was a lot of back and forth and they both looked great in the process.

Cody waltzes out. Rey discusses his mask, saying he wears it with pride, and finally accepts the challenge. Cody and Rey will face each other at Mania. It’s heatin’ up!


Come back to Taker’s statement on Raw. That means Trips is up next. The first beat of his song still sends a chill up my arm.

He has a video for us, claiming it will show the Undertaker what he does best.

Vive Diu Rex
Long Live the King

Some of the greatest Triple H moments compiled into one big, epic video. Numerous Wrestlemania’s, as well as his attacks on Orton and Michaels.

Back to Trips in the ring. He talks up the two HBK/Taker matches, and explains why Shawn never won, and how he plans to do what he couldn’t. Finally, he promises to beat the Undertaker. “I will not become unglued by things that go bump in the night.” He thanks Taker for making it No Holds Barred, and leaves.

Cut to Christian backstage, with Striker interviewing him. He talks about all the things that have happened in the last ten years, when he and Edge first paired up. Edge walks up to ask if he’s ready, which he is.


Brodus is announced, then Alberto. Followed by Christian, and then Edge. We’re ready for some magic.

Bell rings and off we go. Clay and Christian in the ring first. Both going back and forth, Clay tosses Christian into the corner but Christian climbs to the top rope. He’s yanked down and tossed across the ring and out of it. Alberto throws Christian into the barricade, Edge chases Alberto who retreats into the crowd. Clay brings Christian back in, attempting cover after cover. Alberto tags in, looking vicious against Christian. Alberto works the formerly injured shoulder, exposing it and seemingly trying to destroy it. Christian gets fired up, launching himself at del Rio, Edge tags in against Clay, who delivers a big slam, but Edge is on fire. Crazy eyes, but it does not connect. Christian tornado DDT, big elbow from Edge and it’s over.

Grade: B
I liked this, a whole lot. Christian and Edge looked great, but there wasn’t any of the same chemistry. Regardless, it was immensely entertaining and did a good job of just perpetuating what already was.

Credits roll.

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