10 Thoughts On… The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 2

1. I don’t think Lisa Rinna should have been fired… at all. I think it should have been Dionne Warwick who has contributed nothing.

2. This episode was flawless television again. The way Star Jones played Lisa into assuming the role of project manager was brilliant basically ensuring she would be fired.

3. Meat Loaf did a great job as project manager, and it is nice to see the beginning of his feud with Gary Busey start to develop. This is rumored to be the the key storyline of this season.

4. Nice job by my favorite, Richard Hatch to stay under the radar. This is where he needs to stay.

5. I have to admit that Lisa was one of my pre-season picks and I was shocked to see her go this early.

6. Has LaToya Jackson done anything so far?

7. The thing I like the most about The Celebrity Apprentice this season is the fact that there are no apologies made about rewarding the insanity. For the first time ever, I don’t think it is solely about the work being done. It’s about who makes the most compelling TV and right now, you couldn’t pay me enough to miss this show on a Sunday night.

8. John Rich and Star Jones seem like the candidates to beat.

9. I can’t root for Jose Canseco.

10. Would David Cassidy have fit in better on the women’s team? Food for thought.

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