10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! 03.10.2011 – Sting, Mr. Anderson, RVD, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Ric Flair

Reviewing the 3/10/11 episode of TNA…

1. I have become so accustomed to seeing RVD and Mr. Anderson brawling when they see each other, that when they don’t, I’m actually surprised. They didn’t even get in each other’s face during the opening segment. There were a lot of claims and stakes being raised around the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Which is nothing but a good thing. The most important part of any wrestling program has to be that Championship and what everyone should be fighting for.

2. Speaking of getting in each other’s face. Velvet Sky sure gave a new meaning to the phrase Chest Bump when she put hers right out to her partner Angelina Love when she was angry with Winter. If Angelina were only shorter, she’d be blind right now. Interesting development as the Jersey Shore’s Angelina came into the locker room with her cronies Cookie and Sarita which turned into a 6 Knockout shouting match ended when Winter walked in defending the Beautiful People’s Angelina.  This led to Velvet speaking her mind to her BFF that if Winter gets out of line, they will have problems. TNA has a plethora of shared first name talent such as Matt(Morgan/Hardy), Jeremy(Buck/Borash), Eric(Bischoff/Young), Jeff(Hardy/Jarrett) and the granddaddy of them all Rob(Terry/RVD w/ variations Robbie and Robert), but two Angelinas on the same program on a consistent basis or rather any wrestling program might be a first.

3.  How ridiculous does Okada look as Okato, the Green Hornet Kato look-a-like?  Then take that and add him to Samoa Joe’s entrance and that makes both of them look ridiculous.

4. I always love when TNA has more than one Knockouts match on their program. It just goes to show how strong their Ladies division really is and that it can sustain more than one feud/storyline. Roxxi returned this week to battle the champion Madison Rayne. Roxxi brought the intensity to the match and gave the champ all she could handle even in a losing effort. Which is all you can ask. They both came out looking strong. The match was brief, but also set up that the feud between Madison and Mickie is far from over as Mickie came out to save Roxxi from a post-match beatdown.

5. On one hand it was good for Devon to get his revenge on Bully Ray in the fashion he did, but did we really need to see Bully Ray get up and beat up a security guard right afterwards? What may have worked better would have been for Tommy to save Devon from going to jail as he did, but Bully Ray to hit Tommy from behind and run away as security broke up the brawl. This would create more heat for their eventual match. Either that or actually show Bully Ray bludgeoned by Devon as he should have been. Ray does not have to get the upperhand or come back with a cheap shot in every segment to be perceived as strong. He’s delivered numerous beatdowns to Devon and his family as well as won their last PPV encounter. But with a match in a few days, the focus should have stayed on Dreamer vs. Bully Ray.

6. Robbie E gets beat up by another Knockout this week. This time Winter kicks his ass. At this rate, a Knockout is going to get a X-Division title shot if Robbie E can continue to get one. The Four Way X-Division title match with Kazarian (c ) vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Robbie E is going to be tried again for Victory Road. Make sure you leave Cali early this time kids.

7. TNA did an excellent job with their backstage segments this week. They furthered feuds, set things up nicely and were to the point. Even the Jarretts were kept to one segment outside of the Angle recap video. There is always room for improvement, of course. The Ray vs. Dreamer story could have shot a better angle to further the story. And The Pope while picking up the win by crook earlier in his match vs. Samoa Joe still isn’t quite believable in his heel role. I just think it was bad timing to do the about face and turn The Pope heel again. Especially after he was over with the crowd and still could have been considered a strong contending face. The transition to this type of heel role after his meteoric rise as a face is not only difficult for the performer, but the fans as well. I’d rather be all behind a babyface Pope and being entertained by his charisma than watch this just another cowardly heel approach to the Pope character. I think they should have gone the route with Pope being innocent and Joe and his accomplice being the perpetrating heels. I think that would have launched all characters into better spots when their feud is all said and done.

8. Lines of the Night:

a. Taz-“Well, what’s better than four knockouts in action? That would be five knockouts and one special hot guest from the Jersey Shore and that’s tonight.”

b. Taz referencing the entrance of Sarita, Rosita, Jersey Shore Angelina and Cookie:

Taz-“Ah, I’ll take the brunette.”

c. When all hell breaks loose in the Knockouts match:

Taz-“Just bring on the cat fight, baby. Just let it happen.”

d. During Velvet Sky’s post match shake her ass celebration:

Taz-“Yow. What the hell? I need a drink. Oh my God. Let the pigeons loose for God’s sake.”

e. Ric Flair to the crowd in Fayetteville, NC and AJ Styles:

Naitch-“How many of your mothers out there have I slept with? Raise your hand. That’s right, brother. Are you going to knock the people now? I fertilized Fayetteville in my heyday, buddy.”

f. On James Storm trying to walk to the announce booth

Taz-“That’s why drinking and walking doesn’t go well.”

g. James Storm-“Hey, another six pack in and let the wrestling begin.”

9. Match of the Night:

Ink, Inc.(or the Brohawks as I like to call them) vs. Generation Me(The Young Bucks, Max and Jeremy)

The match entertainment quality certainly shot up this week on iMPACT. The Knockouts title match was a little too short, but had great intensity. Two of the other matches were handicap matches for the most part, but were still entertaining. Although I really didn’t think the Flair blade job in the Three Way Flair “vs”. Matt Hardy vs. AJ Styles match was necessary. Loose Canon Anderson was played up nicely to take Sting out of wrestling a second match so soon into his return which should tell you something since even in a tag match you can protect someone. But I’m going with the other tag team match this week. The action was fast and exciting and it had a very cool finish with the gore from the second rope by Jesse Neal as Jeremy Buck leaped to meet him off his brother’s over the shoulder toss, but instead met his doom. Definite finish of the night.

10. Final Show Thoughts.

Solid Go-Home show for this Sunday’s Victory Road PPV. My picks will hopefully make it to this week’s Round Table w/ Inside Pulse’s very own Kelly Floyd. TNA toned down “The Network” story a bit which I liked. It’s okay to mention that as a storyline tool, but keep that in it’s proper place and use that angle sparingly. Speaking of Angles, Kurt’s segments from last week were replayed and they had comments from him following his Ankle Lock on Bart Scott last week, too. Still kept the wrestling machine relevant even with him not appearing for a match or in front of the crowd as he did last week. Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and the Jarretts were also kept to a happy medium. The show seemed really well paced this week. Effective storyline build ups, excellent videos and very good PPV hype even in the lower end feuds. TNA was running on all cylinders this week. I like the touch with having So Cal Val announce the main event, too when Borash was knocked down in the back right before the match. In how he was acting this week, it certainly gave some edge back to the Mr. Anderson character. He was great on the mic, in his backstage segments and solid in the ring.

On that note

Show MVP:

Mr. Anderson

That is all.

M.C. Brown

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