Rasslin’ Roundtable — TNA Victory Road 2011

Sting (c) vs Jeff Hardy
World Heavyweight Title

Rhett Davis: Sting is the icon of all large corporations not WWE in the States and now he is back in Rock-like, Undertaker-like fashion. What with the electricity on his return and the fact that he comes in for a long storyline, disappears, and then comes back after an extended vacation. So now its a battle of the facepaints. This is probably the best match of the night, but the victor should really be no surprise. I mean it’s the Icon after all.
Winner (and STILL TNA World Champion): Sting

Chris Biscuiti: Can we please stop the insanity and restore the old title belt? The Divas title redux just looks so cheap and I can’t take it seriously, AT ALL. Wrestling fans, moreso than most, pay attention to these kinds of things, and it is embarrassing every second the real belt isn’t recognized.
Winner: Sting

Steven Gepp: I can understand why they did the hotshot title change, and I like that Kennedy and RVD have legitimate claims to challenge him and legitimate beefs with him getting the shot, let alone the title, and voice those claims. Sting was most likely offered a lot to go the ‘E, and as a show of faith in the man who showed faith in them, they said, “Thank you.” No problems at all. My one problem with all of this – and it is only one problem – is that Sting just does not seem to be able to bring it in the ring any more. Maybe he was worn down by backstage politics in his last TNA run, maybe he saw himself treading water. Whatever it was, let’s hope coming back after time off and with a new belt to add to his collection (what is it, 9 now? 10? 11?) he’ll have some more enthusiasm in the ring. Notice how I’ve focused on Sting and not Jeff? That’s because there is little to say about Jeff. He has really surprised me as a heel. I think he does it really well. Raven-esque in his promos (and that’s not a bad thing) and just doing heel stuff really well. His ladder match with Anderson was not good, but I have a feeling that was more to do with Anderson than Jeff. Know what? I have a good feeling about this one.
Winner: Sting (pre-emptive grade: A)

M.C. Brown: I’d be surprised if they just hotshotted Sting’s title run without giving a chance to have one more Sting vs. Flair match with the belt on the line, TV or PPV. There still is appeal in one final match to end all matches. Therefore, Sting should win here. The belt shouldn’t be flip flopping this many times especially this early in the year.
Winner: Sting


Rob Van Dam vs Mr. Anderson

Rhett Davis: The attempt to make Mr. Anderson an Austin is evident, but I actually like the edge of Anderson. He attacked the two biggest faces and heels in a matter of two weeks. He mic-checked JHardy, Sting, RVD, and Eric. That’s a lot of faith in the man. He says he wants his rematch, well RVD has been pleading that case for months and was essentially screwed a couple of weeks ago in his match with Jeff where he was low blowed behind the ref’s back. Both men want it, but only Anderson has the real momentum and Anderson/Sting is already in the works so it seems.
Winner: Mr. Anderson

Chris Biscuiti: They just set up Anderson vs. Sting, so I’m going with ***gasp*** logic on this one.
Winner: Mr. Anderson

Steven Gepp: I don’t mind RVD. A bit of a one-trick pony, but he’s watchable. Anderson, on the other hand… I know I’m in the minority here, I do. I understand that many think he is wonderful because he can say his name twice, so therefore he has Rock standards on the mic; he hasn’t hurt anyone in a year or so, so he has Steamboat standards in the ring. I understand many feel that way. I, on the other hand, do not. Overrated so much that I have come to the conclusion that the Miz (who I can’t stand in the ring) is better than Anderson. Most of the TNA Knockouts are better than Anderson… Okay, maybe a little unfair, but I do not see what everyone else sees in him. I dread watching any match he’s in.
Winner: Rob Van Dam (pre-emptive grade: D)

M.C. Brown: Could be RVD, but I think he can still feud with Jeff with no title on the line. The title will give Sting and Anderson a chance to officially meet in one on one action.
Winner: Mr. Anderson


Kazarian (c) vs Robbie E vs Jeremy Buck vs Max Buck
X Title

Rhett Davis: Wait what? So instead of having the triple threat that was promised for last PPV, instead of just doing that match on TV and having a one-on-one match at VR, they just throw all of the contenders in with the champ in an Ultimate X match? Fine by me. I always love Ultimate X matches and with Kaz and Gen Me it shouldn’t disappoint. I can’t see Robbie or Gen Me taking the strap off of Kaz in a match where it WASN’T EVEN ADVERTISED except with a tiny video package. Seriously. I had no idea this match was happening until they announced it along with the other matches.
Winner (and STILL X-Division Champion): Kaz

Chris Biscuiti: TNA’s signature match makes the card with virtually ZERO buildup. Kaz takes this one in a great match no one will care about.
Winner: Kaz

Steven Gepp: Why is Robbie E still being forced upon us? Replace him with Amazing Red, or Daniels, or Jay Lethal, or anyone else from the X-Division and this could be an absolutely awesome, death-inducing bumpfest. As it is, it has Robbie E and, by default, Cookie, and thus I think the match will suffer. (Is that diplomatic or what!?)
Winner: Kazarian (pre-emptive grade: B-)

M.C. Brown: I don’t think either of the Bucks are going to be rewarded with the belt so soon after what happened last month. And Robbie E shouldn’t be anywhere near the title right now.
Should be a fun match, tho.
Winner: Kazarian


Beer Money vs Ink Inc
Tag Team Titles

Rhett Davis: I am thrilled for this match as I love tag team wrestling and WWE just can’t grasp the concept so TNA is the place to watch for TT wrestling. Beer Money is easily the best team around and I am a huge fan. Losing to Ink Inc would just be random at this point in time so I’ll go with Beer Money beating Ink Inc and maybe fighting again at the next show where they will have more of a chance because it won’t be so thrown together as this show is.
Winner (and STILL Tag Team Champions): Beer Money

Chris Biscuiti: As messed up as TNA can be, they still do tag team wrestling better than WWE. I would love to see a PPV dedicated to a tag team title tournament, hell just use the same idea Glazer had for WWE post-Mania.
Winners: Beer Money

Steven Gepp: At least it’s a different team in the mix, but realistically, who can legitimately challenge Beer Money at the moment? Unless you get some mega-powers type team, Beer Money are ‘it’ while MCMG are on the shelf. And, let’s be serious, those teams needed a break from one another. So I’m all for a new team getting a shot, but they really do seem like lambs to the slaughter.
Winner: Beer Money Inc (pre-emptive grade: B+)

M.C. Brown: Sorry about your damn luck, Brohawks. Should be a great contest if Ink brings it like they did against Gen Me.
Winner: Beer Money


Matt Hardy vs AJ Styles

Rhett Davis: So take out Ric Flair and insert Matt Hardy and you have yourself a filler feud PPV match! This match was put together because Matt had nothing to do and the Flair/AJ match is still going to happen. Therefore being as there is no reason for the other Hardy to win and AJ needs the win more than Matt does…
Winner: AJ Styles

Chris Biscuiti: I actually bought into this one this week. I liked Matt Hardy’s promo on the system that worked against him (love how he rewrote history there, but still effective), and I think a motivated heel in Hardy and an excellent face in AJ can easily steal the show. Please give this match the time it deserves with your top face in the company involved.
Winner: AJ Styles

Steven Gepp: Okay, this is going to get me booted from the IWC, I just know it – I don’t mind Matt Hardy. He’s dependable, and when given the right opponent, can still bring it in the ring. And, guess what? AJ Styles could well be that right opponent. I am actually looking forward to this match most on this card.
Winner: AJ Styles (pre-emptive grade: A)

M.C. Brown: AJ should come out on top here after being bested by Hardy & Flair last Thursday.
Winner: AJ Styles


Hernandez vs Morgan
First Blood 

Rhett Davis: Honestly this only made sense. Morgan booted Hernandez’s head into the steel pole knocking him out of TNA for months and then Hernandez busted Morgan open a couple of weeks ago. Therefore… grudge match. Both men could do well with a win here, but I’ll go with Matt Morgan winning because they really want to elevate him to the next level. Even if there are a ton of faces at the top right now.
Winner: Matt Morgan

Chris Biscuiti: I hated this feud the first time around when the roles were reversed. Hernandez is a better heel then he is a face, and Morgan, though still unconvincing as a good guy, is a legitimately solid “big man” presence on any card.
Winner: Matt Morgan

Steven Gepp: Hmm, well I guess we can guarantee this ain’t gonna be Steamboat-Savage. At least there is some sort of continuity with long-term story-lines. Look, Hernandez is not too bad. Morgan still comes across to me as green, and that’s a worry because it means he hasn’t actually improved in all the years he’s been involved. He’s big and it seems he thinks that’s all he needs. And, who knows, maybe it is all he needs. But, you know what?, I don’t care about this one. At all.
Winner: Morgan (pre-emptive grade: D)

M.C. Brown: I expect some chicanery here. Does Homicide return? We shall find out.
Winner: Hernandez


Sarita and Rosita vs Angelina and Winter
Knockouts Tag Team Titles

Rhett Davis: This match should have some drama with Winter and Velvet Sky being on the same team now, but overall a snoozer. I hope that Sarita and Rosita get the titles which builds more tension between Angelina and Winter.
Winner (and NEW KO Tag Team Champions!): Sarita and Rosita

Chris Biscuiti: I like the chemistry between these two Knockouts factions. Sarita has really developed into a go-to heel, and I like that she’s bringing Rosita along for the ride. I assume this is for the Knockouts tag belts?
Winners: Sarita and Rosita

Steven Gepp: I’m not sure where in the hell this is going, and that’s a good thing. It means that this is a pick ;’em for me, and I do enjoy watching wrestling matches when I have no idea who’s going to win. The options are for a team to become established and take this to the heights their men’s tag division has at the moment, or to play off on the bizarre stalker angle that seems to be happening. This is TNA! It has Russo and Bischoff involved!
Winner: Angelina Love & Winter (pre-emptive grade: C)

M.C. Brown: I think this is where the Winter story comes to a head, especially with her “save” last Thursday. Plus, Sarita is just too talented not to hold the titles again.
Winner: Sarita & Rosita


Bully Ray vs Tommy Dreamer

Rhett Davis: So take out washed up ECW original one and insert number two. I’ll be honest the Bully Ray gimmick is one of the best things going in TNA. I love it! But Tommy will be off the air for weeks at a time and then suddenly be put in a feud because they can. First against Rob and now he’s fighting Bully Ray. Can’t say I’m anxious to see this one, but I bet it turns into an Extreme Rules match.
Winner: Bully Ray

Chris Biscuiti: EV2.0 lives! I hope Kendrick comes out from the crowd during this match pretending he’s a game show contestant on a nationally syndicated show that’s been on the air for a few decades, but doesn’t acknowledge he wrestles for a struggling company that could use the plug. Oh, wait…
Winner: Bully Ray

Steven Gepp: Retire already! Just retire! Please, for the love of FSM, retire!!
Winner: Bully Ray (pre-emptive grade: D… F)

M.C. Brown: Ray has had the TV time and it would seem silly for Dreamer to win at this juncture. Perhaps if they have another match or specialty match.
Winner: Bully Ray


The Pope vs Samoa Joe

Rhett Davis: This is one of the more forgettable storylines of TNA. With Sting returning, Hulk back, and the Flair/AJ feud, it’s hard to make your match really stand out above all of that. Anyways, last month they had a terrible match with a botched ending in which they telegraphed. Maybe this month will be different? Here’s hoping to that since both of these men are great athletes. As for who wins… Joe won last month, but Pope has had his number every week it seems. I picked Pope last month, maybe I can get it right this time.
Winner: The Pope

Chris Biscuiti: It’s hard to root for Joe as a credible face when he’s been more mismanaged than the Mets in TNA. At least Pope hasn’t been totally wasted……….yet!
Winner: Pope

Steven Gepp: Again? Are they going to keep doing this until they get it right? I like Samoa Joe, but who’s Cola can did he piss in to be treated like this? I swear, surely even the WWE could deal with him better than this. Expect Fiji Frank to make an appearance in NXT season 7. Pope… not sure. The character is now more important than what happens in the ring. He has brought it in the past, but he and Joe just don’t seem to be meshing well (in my damn opinion). Oh well, could be worse. They could be a tag team and be losing to Eric Young and Orlando Jordan every week on Impact.
Winner: Samoa Joe (pre-emptive grade: C+)

M.C. Brown: Hopefully this ends the feud and even tho The Pope won on TV this past week, I’ll go with The Pope since if Joe won on the last PPV pretty handily what would be the point of doing it again? Perhaps Okato gets involved and costs Joe the match this time leading Joe in another direction to feud with his buddy, Okada.
Winner: The Pope

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