The Bachelor 2011 Spoilers: Brad Womack Picks Emily Maynard Tonight… But Are They Still Engaged?

Well, the night that Bachelor fans have been waiting for is here.

Tonight, Brad Womack will finally make his decision between Emily Maynard and Chantal O’Brien and as RealitySteve has reported, Brad will pick Emily.

The real question is what will happen after and whether the happy couple is still together. Here’s what is now being reported in advance of tonight’s finale.

-Chantal does mention that she is happy and dating someone (else)

-Brad and Emily are engaged

But RealitySteve is reporting that after the three “successful” couples from this show (Ali and Roberto, Jason and Molly, Trista and Ryan), all make appearances, Brad and Emily admit that they have had some problems since the show. While on stage, they do talk about the fact that they’ve already broken up once in these last three months, but they are together now, still engaged, and working on things.

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