Chuck – Episode 4-18 Review

The vast majority of “Chuck Versus the A-Team” is so strong I regret that the episode ends with a resolution. Although the events of the episode are nicely tied up at the end, it seems like there was still some untapped potential in the plot. But as it stands, I’m happy the way Chuck has been going.

“Chuck Versus the A-Team” brings back the Gretas, who’ve been popping up at the Buy More, and continues to ongoing plot about Casey doing his own thing. Demoted to the B-team and couriering animals, Chuck and Sarah break into the new addition to the CIA base, finding Orion’s laptop and the Gretas, Intersects with the same abilities as Chuck.

This plot seems like something the writers would drag out for a couple episodes, similarly to the arc earlier in the season when Chuck couldn’t flash. The idea that Chuck is obsolete is major to the entire show since he wouldn’t be special anymore, and we see Chuck grappling with the thought. However, the plot advances quickly and in a huge reversal with the nuclear bomb ticking away, Chuck disarms the bomb using his own intuition as well as the Intersect knowledge, proving that application of the Intersect requires a special person. The two Gretas are de-Intersected and for the most part, everything returns to equilibrium.

While it wasn’t played up that much, Casey is tugged between his loyalty to his former team and his seemingly new and improved team. He openly admits this to Sarah when she confronts him about dissolving their partnership. It makes sense why Casey would join the new team. His loyalties to the country, after all, come before his friends, and he doesn’t want to pass the opportunity to help the nation.

There is a small subplot about Morgan staying loyal to Casey under extreme duress which was cute. The other subplot, the laptop reaching Ellie, is the next big thing, and the laptop seems to already have had a huge effect, causing Ellie to spend hours in front of it without realizing the time. Kind of sounds like me playing computer games.

Score: 8.9/10