The Chicago Code – Episode 1-6 Review

As a singular episode “The Gold Coin Kid” is perhaps the least ambitious of the episodes thus far, but you could also call it the happiest episode of the series. All the good guys get exactly what they want with the small exception of Caleb, who is still on the outside.

The case this week begins with the overdosed son of rich parents, which leads to a nightclub operating as a brothel. There are several twists as usual and suspects, but it’s wrapped up by the end of the episode. Everything goes as planned–including Jarek and Teresa’s scheme to fool the chief of staff–the nightclub is taken down and the murderer is caught. Teresa gets the radios, Jarek and and unwitting Caleb get a few weeks suspension, but it’s perfectly fine for the most part.

Meanwhile, Vonda shows how savvy she can be, covering for Moose’s mistake so she stays on the team. It’s a little too convenient, but does well in advancing Vonda’s character.

I was really missing Gibbons this week. He always adds that punch to the end of the episode, the “I got you” moment with a grandiose speech brimming with hypocrisy.

Score: 8.7/10