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Hello, Rageans…Rage-ites? Anyways, welcome to this week’s Rager. Wanted to thank everybody for all the comments the past couple weeks, it feels good to know I’m not the only one that feels the way I do sometimes. But moving right along…

Initial Rage: Smackdown Fallout
So far in the short history of The Rager, I don’t believe I’ve ever talked about Smackdown. Why? Because WWE has made Smackdown irrelevant. Quite honestly, its about 2 replay videos away from being the official Raw Recap show (maybe change the name to Livewire and bring back Jonathan Coachman) whereas there’s hardly no mention of Smackdown during Raw’s broadcast and certainly no video from the previous Smackdown show on Raw. To make matters even worse, all of Smackdown’s roster is showing up on Raw without even promoting their own show. For example, we had Edge and Alberto Del Rio (who’s been consistently on Raw for about two months now) furthering their storyline just a few weeks ago on Raw and what they did wasn’t even that special…I honestly don’t even remember what they did but I do know it was nothing that could’ve easily been a segment on Smackdown. The overall bottom line is that Smackdown needs something new even though we all know the kids love seeing Rey Mysterio, Edge and Big Show every week but WWE can’t turn their backs on the rest of the demographics. They had something golden brewing with Dolph Ziggler but they ship him off to Raw once he started to become legit and Alberto Del Rio really is gonna be huge but he’s working both shows. How can Smackdown be fixed? They need to take the leashes of guys like Drew McIntyre and Mysterio really needs to be Cody Rhodes over at Wrestlemania. Edge needs to do some midcard work for a bit and let a new face step up for a while. Although, he’s definitely not new but maybe give Christian a push, I do believe he’s paid for his crime of being in TNA long enough (yes, I managed to go three weeks without mentioning that dreaded, barren company). Also, Smackdown, you can have R-Truth…please, just take him. Better yet, TNA can have him back (gah, two times in one column…maybe those Mayan calendars were right).

Rage 2: Electric Boogaloo
I’ve truly had enough of The Rock’s videos (yes, even the most recent, multi-camera angled one where Rock allegedly keeps kids and dress them up like John Cena…I’m assuming so he could prepare for his next movie, a wrestling-themed Godzilla film…spoiler alert: Rock kept his wings from Tooth Fairy). Rock went from his goofy segment with the kid directly into his serious-face to address The Miz (complete with corny Kane-like ominous music). I’m sorry but can’t buy into the whole “start ’em off with a joke” before getting serious schtick. It didn’t work for me the millions (and millions) of times Cena tried it and I really doesn’t with The Rock.

A Rager Thricely: Fortress of Solitude
I never laughed more in my life than when I saw Michael Cole in his cubicle on Raw. JR was right to call Cole what he did because he does a vermin look about him and I was reminded a lot of a hamster in a cage all night especially when he stood on his chair to peak over the walls. I wonder if the glass was the same “strongest glass in the world” from the Elimination Chamber…and why wasn’t there a roof to it? Of all the wacky bits of nonsense thats happened in the WWE (including the existence of Grand Master Sexay), this is close to the top and I absolutely love it.

Drew Carey: Breaking the Fourth Rage
Ok so a bit of news was announced on Raw and I have a question for all of you Rageans and I’m going to put this as delicately as I possibly can….
Ahem, yeah, that was about as eloquently as that’s gonna go. But seriously, why? If WWE wanted their Hall of Fame to hold some sort legitimacy and be hailed as quite the accomplishment to reach, why would they let somebody in who had one guest appearance in a Royal Rumble? The Hall of Fame features greats like Shawn Michaels that have lived and breathed for their company for so many years and they’re now joined by a mediocre comedian and an even worse game show host. Going off his contribution to WWE, be expecting Snooki’s induction next year for her brilliant work in Wrestlemania 27.
Can’t you just feel the sarcasm oozing out of this Rager? I sure can, it tastes great over some pancakes.

I must apologize to everyone due to the lack of Pop’s Random Thoughts this week. He had quite a week and got some pretty fantastic news so trust me when I say that he deserved the week off from The Rager.

Thanks for reading, friends. Feel free to discuss what I’ve raged about as well as voice your own rages, I’d love to talk about them with all of you. You can catch me doing the Superstar Recap later in the week as well as next week’s Rager.
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