TNA Impact Spoilers for This Thursday, 3/17/11 with Sting, Jeff Hardy Fallout, Hulk Hogan

Sting opens the show and tosses the Jeff Hardy title belt, being confronted by Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. Hardy, Hogan claims, apparently cannot live in his shadow and is gone from Immortal.

Wow, god forbid they put someone besides Hogan over with this.

Bully Ray is out to back Hogan, so Fortune is out to back Sting. Mr. Anderson demands his title shot. We get RVD vs. Anderson vs. AJ Styles vs. Ray tonight for a new #1 contender.

Well, that’s a style mismatch.

Scott Steiner and Crimson defeat Ink Inc and Shannon Moore yells at Neal after the loss.

If they put Neal vs. Moore on PPV…

Pope takes shots at Joe while performing miracles, so Samoa Joe comes out to chase him. Pope escapes after beating up Okada as fans chant “that was stupid.”

You know you have a problem when the Impact Zone is turning on you.

Madison Rayne beats Alyssa Flash, then is confronted by Mickie James who wants a title shot. Rayne will only do it if James puts up her hair.

Foreshadow a winner, much?

Jeff and Karen Jarrett come out to offer Kurt Angle a truce. Angle plays along then el cabong’s JJ. They’ll have a match at Lockdown.

This is an atrocious angle.

Gunner defeated Murphy and Rob Terry for the TV Title.

Can we Please use the X-Division or TV Title for great matches. Please?

Matt Morgan & Angelina Love & Winter defeated Hernandez & Sarita & Rosita in a Street Fight. Matt Baretta of OVW helped Hernandez post-match.

Mix and match of angles time.

The main event four way ends with Anderson and RVD in a double pin. Bully puts AJ through a table by the stage post-match.

Damn, was hoping they’d transition to a feud or two I wanted to see.

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