10 Thoughts On… Survivor Redemption Island Episode 5 Review

1. I have never seen Boston Rob dominate a Survivor game better than he has this season. Using Grant to help him find a hidden immunity idol clue that he didn’t need and then feeding him his leftovers? Spectacular.

2. The hilarious editing behind the Andrea/Phillip alliance was fantastic. Believe me. No one is aligned with Phillip. Fact.

3. I was SHOCKED by Tribal Council. I was positive that Stephanie would go before Krista. Shows me that the Zapatera is playing harder than I thought.

4. It was very dumb to not have David do the puzzle. They deserved to lose.

5. I think Natalie and Ashley have to be careful about how much time they spend together. They are coming off as too tight and when Phillip starts being able to see through you, that is a definite warning sign. They are just lucky Boston Rob hasn’t seen how close they are.

6. I really think that while Steve and Mike are being forced down our throats as their tribe’s leaders, it’s really David and Sarita.

7. I will never get tired of seeing Boston Rob single-handedly win challenges.

8. Yes, I know you grow tired of all the Boston Rob mentions in this column, but come on this show is completely about him. And the way that he incredibly deflected Matt asking him about why he was voted off was perfect.

9. I wonder if Ometepe has seen Survivor before. Do they not know hidden immunity idols are hidden in the rewards?

10. Is there anyway Phillip doesn’t go next barring Matt not coming back, a twist or a merge? I think Stephanie and Phillip are clearly finished. And yes that makes me just as sad as it makes you.