David Slade to helm Fox’s new Daredevil

David Slade has been tapped to direct the sequel to the Ben Affleck action flick Daredevil. Coming off a Twilight sequel, he made his debut to critical acclaim with Hard Candy and adapted 30 Days of Night in his follow-up.

it’s a fairly inspired pick, I believe, but it does leave one thing open. Will Affleck return as Daredevil? I would imagine not, as this has the same feel that The Incredible Hulk did in a sequel that’s also a reboot of the franchise. So it wouldn’t be a surprise to see someone like Ben Foster, Jason Statham or any number of actors take up the cowl that Affleck previously wore. One imagines that Jennifer Garner, Affleck’s wife, won’t be returning if he isn’t especially after Elektra was a critical & commercial dud.

Fox wants a director to make this into their own Dark Knight and with the right material one imagines that Slade might have something here. Daredevil is an interesting character handled correctly and with Fox wanting something dark this has tons of potential to be a great film.

What do you think? Is Slade the right director or is this a step in the wrong direction?

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Source: Deadline Hollywood