Glee – Episode 2-16 Review

“Original Song” is incredibly cheesy and is designed specifically to pander to the audience, but I liked it. Maybe that’s because recent episodes have been scattershots of theme and plot and “Original Song” is relatively better, but I finished the episode mostly fine with what it is. I’ve never expected much from Glee or liked it in particular, so the episode does its job.

The episode begins with Quinn in crazy mode, spouting off about becoming prom queen. But as the episode progresses, we see that her behavior can partially be attributed to how see feels about herself. In her mean conversation with Rachel, she says how Rachel will be heartbroken and Quinn and Finn will be married, but also that Rachel doesn’t belong here. Although her tone is tinted with anger and disdain, she pays a backhanded compliment to Rachel. Really, the subtext is that Rachel is far more talented than her and she’ll become a success while Quinn can only settle for Finn and Lima, Ohio. Quinn follows that statement, saying that Rachel will never find that happy ending, and I’m sure the same can apply to Quinn, who has been supremely conflicted in the two seasons.

The end result is Rachel writing her own song for Regionals, which is very emotional and in a way, apology for her past behavior. Rachel is put through the ringer in the episode, and perhaps she had it coming. After acting bitchy for much of the season, she sees the result, Finn and Quinn back together

What the hell, Sue. I don’t even know what to say about her anymore. The other characters are teens in high school, so you can explain their erratic behavior for that, but Sue is supposed to be an adult. Are the writers planning to do more with her?

Score: 8.7/10