Were Money No Object on March 16 with iZombie

The Book I Think You Should Buy:

iZombie Vol. 1: Dead to the World

by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred; DC/Vertigo, $14.99

I’ve really gotten in to Roberson and Allred’s iZombie book.  It centres on Gwen, who is a zombie, but not of the shambling, brainless variety.  She’s a perfectly intelligent girl, provided she eats a brain every month or so.  The problem with that is that when she eats the brain (and she prefers to snack on the recently deceased – hence her employment in a graveyard), she absorbs the memories of the departed, and feels compelled to deal with their unfinished business.  In this case, there is no doubt that her meal was murdered, and she feels the need to confront the murderer.

Gwen’s best friend is Ellie, the ghost of a young lady who was killed some time in the late 50s or early 60s.  She also hangs out with Scott/Spot, a were-terrier who has a crush on her.  There are other characters introduced in this arc, including some vampires, a mummy, and some vampire hunters.  It seems the town where Gwen lives is a hotspot for the undead, and that’s what this series explores.

There are elements of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and perhaps Scooby-Doo), but Roberson’s writing makes the series fresh and innovative.  I’ve really grown to like these characters, and with Michael Allred handling the artwork, the book looks terrific.  This is well worth picking up.

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