World’s Foremost Reality Television Expert and Editor, Murtz Jaffer, to Be Honored with Reality Reporting Award on April 9, at the LA Convention Center


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World’s Foremost Reality Television Expert and Editor, Murtz Jaffer, to Be Honored with Reality Reporting Award on April 9, at the LA Convention Center

(Toronto, ON – March 16, 2011) – Reality television has been booming for over 10 years, and one Canadian has been at the center of its rise. Murtz Jaffer, host of Reality Obsessed and editor, will receive an award for his special achievement in reality reporting. The award presentation will be part of a two day panel discussion, “Surviving the Reality Race”, at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 3:00p.m., with another forum taking place on Sunday, April 10 at 3:00p.m. Mr. Jaffer will also act as moderator of the hour long sessions along with other reality stars who will be participating.

“Surviving the Reality Race” is a two day discussion with stars of “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” who will recount their experiences on reality television competitions. From the casting and selection process to competition strategies and national fame, the thoughts of reality competitors will be revealed.

Panelists of “Surviving the Reality Race” include:

Bob Crowley – “Survivor Gabon” Winner
John Fincher – “Survivor Samoa” Contestant
Peih-Gee Law, “Survivor China” Contestant
Allie Smith – “The Amazing Race 16″ Contestant
Dr. Nat Strand – “The Amazing Race 17″ Winner
Dr. Kat Chang – “The Amazing Race 17″ Winner
Brook Roberts – “The Amazing Race 17″ Contestant
Debbie Cloyed – “The Amazing Race 7″ Contestant
Bianca Smith – “The Amazing Race 7″ Contestant
Kent & Vyxsin – “The Amazing Race 12″ and current “All Star Amazing Race: Unfinished Business” Contestants

During the panel discussions on Saturday, the Special Achievement in Reality Reporting Award will be presented to Mr. Jaffer by Robert Sunshine, President of the Film Group at Prometheus Global Media and Bob Crowley, “Survivor Gabon” winner. “Murtz is everywhere when it comes to reality television and I can’t think of someone more worthy of this honor than him. I’m so excited to be a part of the “Surviving the Reality Race” panel on April 10 at Reality Rocks.” said Allie Smith, “The Amazing Race 16″ contestant.

“Without the fans, reality television would just be plain ‘ole anonymous reality, wouldn’t it? And there is no bigger reality television fan or advocate than Murtz Jaffer” said Deborah Cloyed, author of The Summer We Came to Life and “The Amazing Race 7″ contestant. “I am so proud of my friend, Murtz Jaffer. He is hard working and courageous, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award for distinction in reality reporting,” said Peih-Gee Law, “Survivor China”.

Mr. Jaffer has been a part of the reality television community for the last 11 years and holds the esteemed title of being the only reality television reporter to attend and cover over 1,000 reality show premiere parties, charity events and finales around the world. His reputation in the reality television community is as unique as his style, trademarked by his purple suit and fedora. “From his fan-boy roots and unparalleled Survivor prediction to hosting his own hit reality series in Canada, no one has his hand on the pulse of this genre quite like Murtz Jaffer. On one hand, he studies this scene with the obsessive compulsive precision of a micro-surgeon; on the other hand he is the ringleader and instigator behind some of the most infamous reality parties ever to rock the Hollywood strip!” said Kent Kaliber and Vyxsin Fiala, “The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business”.

“A reality event is not complete for me until I see Murtz in his purple suit! I am honored as the winner of Survivor Gabon to be presenting this special achievement in reality award to a real winner like Murtz and look forward to participating in the Surviving The Reality Race panel at Reality Rocks on April 9,” said Bob Crowley, “Survivor Gabon” winner.

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