10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars 03.17.2011 — Divas, Santino Marella, Tyler Reks

1. Poor JTG. When he enters, I automatically think, “Oh, his opponent will win. Cool.” It’s far too obvious that JTG will not walk out victorious, which kills it a bit for me.

2. Tyler Reks, whom I’ve been completely impressed by as of late, was held back entirely tonight. He, unfortunately, does not fit well with most opponents, and the styles between the two clashed hard tonight.

3. Okay. I understand doing full video recaps of HHH/Taker, and all of The Rock’s shenanigans. But seriously, a full recap of Trish/Vickie and Snooki? I weep for this. It is unacceptable. Wrestlemania has become a novelty, and I am not happy about it.

4. It it so unfair that the tag teams fade into the background. Santino and Kozlov, as well as the Usos, are the few real tag teams left. I’m still not sure how I feel about Slabriel holding the titles…everything has an expiration date.

5.  The Usos have improved greatly in recent months. I liked these four going head to head, until they pulled a Bella Twins “switch”…which showed weakness and burial from both.

6. I’m a huge Miz fan; I love the guy. But I forget he’s champion. Why put that belt on him if he’s still going to be overshadowed by the Cena Show? Raw seems to be where talent goes to die. Farewell, Ziggler.

7. An 8-Women tag team match between Alicia Fox, Melina, The Bellas (oh yeah, they’re heels now, huh?) against Natalya, Eve, Gail Kim, and Tamina. So, basically all the forgotten and/or misused Divas. Well, besides Eve, who is champion…actually I forget why she’s champ. Whatever.

8. Gail Kim is one woman who I look forward to seeing, but rarely do. That girl…blows my mind. She restores my faith in the women.

9. Speaking of which, it was nice to see the women take over the main event again! Though it still was a sad showing. I’m a woman…I should not loathe the women as much as I do. I was always raised to know that women could do whatever men could, and lived that lesson athletically. But these women (except for a few) make my stomach hurt. It actually hurts my feelings to see such a terrible display of “feminism”.

10. Random Thought of the Week: I just need one more thought to express this, but…Snooki? Really? Nevermind the fact that the women is a best selling author when numerous talented writers can hardly find a paying gig for their creativity. But now she’s jumping in and “earning” a spot at Wrestlemania? This nation is in a decline, not only for putting a show like Jersey Shore on the air, but for turning people like this into celebrities. I’m appalled by this development, and fear my I.Q. dropping further just by tolerating this nonsense.

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