Criterion Collection Planning On Making a Killing

In the recent Criterion Collection newsletter there was an illustration that befuddled a majority of the readers. The illustration hinted at an upcoming, unannounced title. It featured a poodle running with a cloud of banknotes swirling around it. Film buffs have chimed in to point out that the illustration is a reference to one of the last images of Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing.

MGM released it on the DVD format back in June 1999, so it will be safe to assume that Criterion will attempt to clean up the print as best as it can. Considering that Warner Bros. will be releasing a limited collection box set containing nine Stanley Kubrick features at the end of May, it’s a good bet that Criterion will either release The Killing concurrently with the Stanley Kubrick box or maybe in late October, following last year’s release of Kubrick’s Paths of Glory.

In addition to The Killing it is also being speculated that Criterion will also release Killer’s Kiss and possibly Fear and Desire, the ultra-rare Kubrick feature that has never been released on home video.

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