EXW Adrenaline Rush 03.15.2011 — Derick Neikirk, Val Venis, The Freak Squad

Finally. What professional wrestling is all about. Storylines that suck you in. Returns that leave you hoarse. Spots that shock you. Finishers that rock you. Men who provide that doubt that you had forfeited long ago. An all-around amazing show that leaves a stupid grin on your face, and your head reeling.

Adrenaline Rush – March 15th, 2011

Dark Match
Johnny Manson
Rexx Reed

Definitely an odd dark match. Considering the usually stellar performances these two bring to each show, I expected a different placement on the card. But it was only once the match really got going that I realized why this was kicking it off. It revved the crowd up perfectly, as Reed’s surprising agility astounded and Manson’s theatrics entertained. It was short, sweet, and to the point.
Winner: Rexx Reed

The official show began, and Steve Osborne made his way out. Sheik was not available this evening, so he was the acting GM. Without any real prompting, he started going off on a tangent about the business we all loved so much. He said he was “embarrassed by professional wrestling” because of what it has become. He goes on to insult Cena (which I loved) and claimed that he wanted to believe still. From there, he called for a new era of wrestling. All of this sounds inspirational enough, but apparently I was the only one who thought so as it brought in some intense heat. It was then that Team Elite—Neikirk and Venis—entered to shut him up.

The Freaks were out next, with a trick up their sleeve. Dom held up a copy of Neikirk’s Heavyweight Championship contract, pointing out some damning evidence. Neikirk was to defend his title within 60 days of every other title defense. The last time it was put up, was January 15th at Bad Intentions, and the date of this show was March 15th (the math isn’t all there, but whatever). Therefore, the advertised Tag Team Championship match between the four was to be altered, and Venis had to find another partner. Meanwhile, the number one contender for Neikirk was announced as Andrew Hellman, who entered just to antagonize the champ, and all retreat.

Match #1
Woody Santanelli

Woody seemed to be settling into the EXW ring nicely after a much-too-long hiatus. But the crowd wasn’t so sure. They were torn right down the middle, with half the crowd chanting for Manimal, the other half screaming for Woody. I saw excellent impact from both—Manimal in particular—and it was overall a solid matchup, despite the abrupt win.
Winner: Woody Santanelli

Match #2
Shane Stratmore
Moshpit Mike

This match had so much of my attention, I misspelled the easiest of words while taking notes (instead of “starts” I wrote “starst”). The two were evenly matched throughout all of it, as it started out slow, but ultimately exploded. I adore these two with their partners, but it was refreshing to see them in singles again. I barely had time to miss their partners, before Chuey showed up to distract Moshpit, helping Stratmore pick up the win.
Winner: Shane Stratmore

Match #3
Cedric the Hitman
Cutler Wright

After telling me to shut up, Cedric started in on Wright, working on the right arm. The competition was long, building its way up. Cedric was surprisingly entertaining, and extremely impressive in the first match I’ve really seen him in (I was on a smoke break during the last one). He definitely shined bright, and I’m curious to see what else he has in store for us.
Winner: Cutler Wright

Match #4
Ray Basura
Kyle Hawk
Shadow Fox
Number One Contender for Elite Championship

Triple threats are messy, sloppy, obvious, and disastrous. Even some of the best ones are still not good enough for my liking. But these three found a way to keep a healthy balance of interaction and entertainment. Most of the highpoints of this match took place outside of the ring, and I had trouble deciding who stuck out more. Basura has grown on me immensely, Hawk seems to be unstoppable, and Shadow has stolen the spotlight on numerous occasions. I wasn’t sure who I was rooting for, but a winner was decided nonetheless.
Winner: Kyle Hawk

Match #5
Tyson Tyler and Johnny Stamboli (J3K)
Adan Reyes and J.B. Bad

This match was kept considerably short, but found a way to astound me regardless. I’ve always been a big fan of Tyson Tyler, but this new “Always Trending” persona, along with his new partner, made for some eclectic viewing. Reyes and Bad (whose name was mistakenly reported as Johnny B. Goode last week) put up a valiant effort, but in the end, Tyler and Stamboli came up victorious, unleashing their new finisher—the GFY (video here)—after the bell declared the end of the match.
Winner(s): Tyson Tyler and Johnny Stamboli

Match #6
Miracle Mike James
Chuey Martinez

Chuey was all business when he pounced on Miracle Mike, but not for long. The two attacked each other with a viciousness I hadn’t seen from either of them, obviously aggravated from the tag team friction. The fight moved outside of the ring, where the action was so close, it was punching me in the face while Chuey was punching Mike in the face. In a fit of predictability that was the only downside to the match, Shane and Moshpit ran out to the aid of their partners, where Mike stole a win.
Winner: Miracle Mike James

And now, the moment we had been waiting for. Who would Val Venis recruit to take on the Freaks?

Match #7
Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli and Frenchy Riviera
The Freak Squad (c)
Val Venis and Gabriel Gallo
Tag Team Titles

Nearly every female (and presumably some men) was screeching at a decibel so high, there was actually a ringing in my ears. The entire venue erupted, drowning out the music. Once it got going, the momentum didn’t end. There was the exact amount of flow, and this match had an ambiance that would be better suited at a big show, like the upcoming Prescott event. The Freaks looked better than they ever have, jiving together like they always do, but better somehow. But, the return of Gallo would not be the most shocking moment of the night, as Dom went to attack Gallo, instead helping Gallo spear Val. Gallo had joined the ranks of the very men who had pushed him out of the company two months ago, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.
Winner(s): The Freak Squad

Obviously, Neikirk ran out to aid his partner, but The Freaks made quick work of him. Hellman ran out, next, to take advantage of the fallen champ.

Andrew Hellman
Derick Neikirk (c)

Upon the departure of The Freak Squad and Gallo, all of the energy drained out of the fans, and it was a damn shame, too, as the two tore it up. It has been a hot minute since I’ve seen Neikirk wrestle, and I was not disappointed by what I saw. Everything looked authentic and I have to assume that Hellman has to be one of Derick’s better opponents, feeding off of him and conveying a sense of reality. It was an incredible match, and I can see how it was led into, but I still think the Freaks/Gallo and Venis should have been in the main event.
Winner: Derick Neikirk


Definitely the best plate of Xtreme these boys have served up in quite some time, and I look forward to the future. Want to know more about this company? Read about their journey here, and make sure you check out the basics.

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