Michael Chabon May Be Given the Keys to Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Following on the heels of its Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, Walt Disney Studios has been looking to make its theme park attraction, the Magic Kingdom, into a feature as well.

To be directed by Jon Favreau, Magic Kingdom will be a family adventure project that Disney hopes to make its next big franchise. After boarding the project, Favreau was looking to add some creative punch to Ron Moore’s initial draft. That punch may in fact be Michael Chabon, author of such novels as Wonder Boys and The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay.

Chabon and Favreau have discussed the project and the potential of teaming up, but no formal offers have been made.

Chabon is no stranger to the Hollywood game. He’s already been working with Disney on Snow and the Seven, a new take on the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as well as the upcoming release John Carter of Mars, Pixar Animation Studios first live-action feature starring Taylor Kitsch. The Pulitzer Prize winner also polished the screenplay for Spider-Man 2.

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Source: Heat Vision