Venture Brothers (Season 4, Volume 2) – DVD Review

I’ve now reviewed the entire 4th season of Venture Brothers, and I still have no idea what the show is supposed to be or what the hell is going on. Is it supposed to be a dumb comedy like Aqua Teen or is it supposed to be an action cartoon like Transformers?

If it’s supposed to be a comedy, I’m missing most of the jokes. If it’s supposed to be an action cartoon, I’d like some semblance of continuity from episode to episode or at the very least, something close to an actual ending for a few of the episodes. There are more episodes that end on a cliff hanger never to be answered than have an actual ending.

Naturally, the one episode that has an actual story and an actual ending is my least hated episode. In the episode, Zeus is kidnapping all the scientists, and Henchman 21 for some reason but not Venture, and having them fight for his amusement. In the end it turns out Zeus was a fake and it was actually Henchman 1. I think that’s why they needed 21 there; to have someone around who would know enough about the situation to figure it out, still doesn’t explain why he was one of the kidnapped scientists. There’s a fight, 1 is defeated and everyone goes home mildly happy. Showing that when the show tries, it is capable of putting out a watchable show.

The rest of the season is unremarkable. The stories still revolve around Doctor Venture and his two boys Hank and Dean. Brock shows up occasionally, and actually gets one of the few laughs in the season when trying to protect the Venture team from getting their memory erased yet again by saying “They live next door, they discover us every other week.” It’s a fun little meta joke. This qualifies as the best joke of the season.

It’s a TV show, so it’s in standard widescreen format with Dolby sound.
For an Adult Swim show, the animation is good making the show look fine. There are no audio problems.

There are Commentaries with Chris McCulloch for the episodes, only for the most die-hard of fans.

Deleted Scenes are included and got deleted for good reason.

I’ve seen the entire season, and I am happy that it is over. It’s a show that jumps around a lot in each episode and even more from episode to episode. If you’re looking for a show with a solid narrative, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re looking for whatever this show is, you’ll be fine. Overall, it’s season 4, by now you should know if the show is for you or not.

Warner Home Video presents Venture Brothers: Season 4, Vol. 2. Directed by Christopher McCulloch and Jon Schnepp. Starring Christopher McCulloch, James Urbaniak, and Patrick Warburton. Written by Christopher McCulloch. Running time: 286 Min. Not Rated. Released on DVD: March 22, 2011.

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