10 Thoughts On… The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 3 Review

1. I honestly think that the only reason the men won is because had they lost, it would given Donald Trump no choice but to fire Gary Busey. And firing Gary Busey would be a terrible idea (at least from a viewer’s perspective).

2. Shocked by Niki Taylor leaving this early and I can’t help but think that the reason she wanted to leave so quickly is because she was over it. Did it show her overwhelming level of integrity? Certainly. But there’s no doubt Dionne Warwick should have left.

3. Tell me you weren’t thinking Richard Hatch immediately after Gary Busey claimed there was an ‘alliance’ against him. I LOVED it. Brought back memories of the Pagong tribe all over again.

4. I genuinely like Marlee Matlin. She is great.

5. This is honestly the best show on television right now and there is nothing that I would rather watch.

6. What was up with Jose Canseco? We never got an explanation as to why he was basically a lethargic sloth. He avoided Ivanka’s question. 5 minute break? Please. It was more like 5 million years.

7. Mark McGrath’s idea to videotape Gary and Jose playing baseball instead of decorating the RV was GENIUS. I would have loved to have seen that play out in the boardroom.

8. Shouldn’t the point have been to sell RV’s instead of just decorate them?

9. Love her or hate her, Star Jones is very interesting to watch. Even though I have visions of Ursula from the Little Mermaid everytime I see her.

10. While Niki didn’t deserve to go, I have to admit the show has now officially lost its only sane person. This means the best show on TV will only get better.