Cody Rhodes Talks Dusty, He and Rey Mysterio Stealing Wrestlemania 27

Dusty Rhodes views on WrestleMania, and whether he agrees with them: “I was talking to my dad (Wednesday night) and he had some advice about the Super Bowl, Wrestlemania and other major sporting events … he said they were just another game. I don’t agree with that. It’s not just another game. If someone is whispering in your ear that this is the biggest event in sports entertainment history, you move faster, you jump higher. You’re trying to give fans something they’ll remember forever.”

Wrestling Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania: “I’m not one for false promises, exaggeration or hyperbole. In sports entertainment, you hear a lot of those. But I really believe this match has potential to steal the show. We’re stacked up against some beautiful matches and this is my hometown so that would be an added bonus. It’s our best superstars. I wouldn’t feel comfortable without having a quality story. I used to think I should be on Mania, but looking back, no, I shouldn’t have been. I wasn’t ready.”

Does Dusty Rhodes inspire him: “With no disrespect to him, I speak to him on a regular basis, but I’ve always tried to get my inspiration from other sources. I’m not helping anybody by being Dusty Rhodes Jr. That would just be reminding people what they saw years ago. One of my biggest influences was Shawn Michaels. How does (my dad) take it? He’s doesn’t take it good-naturedly. He has an ego the size of the state he came from. He feels he should be listened to. A funny story: The night my dad went into the Hall of Fame, he was the last one to speak, and one of the production people said the show was short, then told my dad: ‘Dusty, you can talk as long as you want.’ My brother said, ‘Why are you up last? Who did you ever beat?’ My dad turned and said: ‘Everybody out on that stage, boy!’ When he has that WWE marquee, he turns it on.”

His technical wrestling ability: “I was an awesome amateur wrestler, no pun intended for The Miz. I would do stand-up drills in the shower every morning. I did the stadiums, waking up at 5 in the morning. I was on a low-cal diet before I was 18. One of my least favorite things that’s accepted on the internet is the level of technical wrestling ability of some. I would tie Daniel Bryan up in knots in 15 minutes.”

How he got the ‘Dashing’ nickname: “It’s always been a running gag. My dad always tells people how good looking I am, with the movie-star looks … that kind of garbage. So (my character) does a lot of things men do every day, (grooming things). I’m fully on board with all of them, and he’d hate to hear this, but a lot of them really come from Randy Orton.”

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Source: Slam