Community – Episode 2-18 Recap

Troy, Jeff ‘Nipple Play’ Winger and Abed.

Considering I’m not a big Chang fan, I was surprised that I actually really liked this week’s episode of Community. Maybe it’s because I was in such a good mood after hearing it’s been renewed for another season. Tip of the hat to NBC on that one!

What was really strong about this episode of Community, I thought, was the fact that we got to see some characters interact who don’t always get to do so. Jeff and Shirley are great together – remember the gossip episode? – and it was nice to see Shirley get to be funny. She hadn’t had much good material recently. And I loved seeing Malcom Jamal Warner again!

Meanwhile, I loved seeing Britta interact with Troy and Abed – I don’t think that’s a combination we’ve seen much of in the past. Britta is such a fascinating character because she’s kind of unlikable (a self-proclaimed buzz kill, in fact) but is also very funny.

Don’t make a pregnant lady storm off!

First, let’s talk about Shirley. Oh, poor Shirley. What it feels like to have a tiny Asian devil baby inside you, I’ll never know. But she seems to, and she doesn’t like it. She wanted Chang to have nothing to do with her child, whether it’s biologically his or not – and can you blame her? She asked Jeff to convince Chang to sign a document surrendering his rights to the baby, but instead Jeff used the situation as an opportunity to convince Chang that he should grow up and get an apartment (so he’d get off Jeff’s couch) – and can you blame him?

Once Jeff remembered how completely horrible Chang is – I can’t believe it took Chang assuming a couple of black kids were Shirley’s and kidnapping them for him to realize that Chang would be a terrible father – he joined Shirley’s side. In fact, he convinced her to take things a step farther and have Chang put in jail for child trafficking. But Malcom Jamal Warner calmed them down, so I guess I should be happy. But come on – can’t we find a happy medium between Chang playing an active role in the child’s life and Chang going to jail for 20 years?

It’s All Downhill From Here…

I love when Community goes meta, and that T-shirt was hilarious. I really liked the Britta/Troy/Abed storyline this week. Troy and Abed basically begged Britta not to go out with their new friend, because she’s always ruining cool people for them by telling them embarrassing details. So when Britta did hook up with the guy and learned that he was a war criminal, she tried to get Troy and Abed to find out that information on their own instead.

Britta’s whole performance of stealing Kickpuncher 3 on Blu-Ray and trying to convince troy and Abed that it had been their friend was hilarious. Of course Abed has surveillance video of his dorm room. And of course it’s for a super in-depth documentary about his life.

I feel like this storyline hit the perfect balance of Britta being annoying, but still nice. She’s like that friend that kind of bugs you, but you continue to be friends because you have no real reason not to. I’m glad the show has finally figured out how to write for Britta like this.

What did you think of “Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy”? Are you with my in keeping your fingers crossed that the baby is Malcom Jamal Warner’s? Are you glad Community has been picked up for a third season, or do you think it’ll all be downhill from here? Now, check out these highlights:

  • Annie giving Shirley a black doll, and a very nice letter from the doll manufacturer promising to expand their choices for ethnicity.
  • “Hit me with your genie’s bottle, rub it all over me…” – Britta. I don’t know what’s worse, her attempt at a Britney Spears song, or her belief that randomly breaking out into a Britney Spears song is sexy.
  • “You mean Jeff ‘Nipple Play’ Winger? No! As you can see, we’re still hanging out with him. Hi, how’s it going, Jeff?” – Troy
  • “Between you and me, I don’t Chang a lot of chicks.” – Chang 
  • “Didn’t take? We’re not giving him a perm, Jeff…” – Shirley
  • Chang calling the kids he kidnapped racist when they tell them their mom’s name is LaQuanda.
  • “In what war is he a criminal? In the battle for our affections?!?” – Troy (Best line of the night)
  • “Unless they’re left-handed. I’d like to know about that. I’m making a chart.” – Abed 

Bonus Quote:”Have you ever noticed that even when I’m sitting down I’m taller than Ken Jeong?” – Joel McHale