Community – Episode 2-18 Review

As most loyal viewers probably read by now, Community was renewed for a third season. Assuming that the writers will eventually run out of ideas for those special theme episodes, we’re probably in for more normal episodes. “Custody Law And Eastern European Diplomacy” is a good example of a “normal episode,” one which I’m perfectly fine having a lot of. There’s nothing too innovative about the setup and the plot resolution is predictable, but the show has established these characters so well and the writers know them intimately that they work brilliantly under any circumstances.

The main plot focuses on Chang and his ongoing quest to become… something. We know that Chang isn’t quite right in the head, always acting weird and acting ridiculous, but the paternal instinct is there and after a suggestion from Jeff, actually wants to better himself. As far as Jeff goes, I didn’t think he was entirely opportunistic when telling Chang to get a job and his own place. While the end result, Chang leaving the apartment, was favorable, Jeff does seem to have a slight bit of sympathy for Chang. The episodes ends amicably, with Andre wanting Shirley to accept Chang like she accepted him.

I found the B-plot, involving Britta, Troy, Abed, and a ethnic cleanser named Luka (played by the wonderful Enver Gjokaj), to be the funnier of the two. Troy and Abed are great as always, but the addition of Britta and her distinct views on the world was hilarious when combined with Luka’s background and Britta’s past behavior towards her ex-boyfriends.

Score: 8.8/10