10 Thoughts on WWE Raw 03.21.2011 — John Cena, The Miz, 13 Days until Wrestlemania!

Hello boys and girls, Kelly here, stepping in for Rhett. I know, I know. You’re welcome.
Amidst my insanely busy springtime rituals, I found time to settle in and watch some Monday Night Raw! It has been a while since I last tuned in; how did Team Raw fare?

1. This Announcer War is killing me, a little bit. Granted, it’s not the Cena Show anymore, but I feel as though this storyline is consuming every drop of Raw, from start to finish. Cole is getting more face time than the champions and contenders and is being shoved down my throat, into my stomach, and all the way down where it probably belongs.

2. Triple H is very obviously a great talker. He grabs onto you and forces you to listen, which is a trait that seems to be fizzling out almost everywhere else. Everything he said was relevant, pertinent, and captivating. Looks as though this will in fact be a career/career match, which I’m sure is arriving not a moment too soon for both, sad as that is to say.

3. Forgive me, but let me see if I can connect these dots:

Sheamus wins the WWE championship very, very quickly.
Not only does he win it, he keeps it from the likes of John Cena, and Randy Orton.
Sheamus enters into a feud with none other than Triple H, facing him at Wrestlemania 27.
Sheamus wins King of the Ring for 2010.
Sheamus wins the United States Championship belt.

Please let me know if that’s incorrect, because usually people who have such big years as that, don’t receive jobber entrances. Despite that odd flaw, I liked the match between Sheamus and Bourne. The high-flyer looked strong, while still letting Sheamus be stronger.

4. Poor Slabriel. Thrown into a melting pot of “Wrestlers Not Doing Anything Right Now”. I have to wonder where this love triangle will lead us, and that makes me a little nervous.

5. As soon as Cena started putting the Miz over as a serious threat, claiming he deserves to be the champ, you knew he was not live via satellite. Oops. Spoiler alert? But we will get to see Rock and Cena in the same room next week, so I guess that’s good. You know, if you like that kind of thing.

6. JoMo and Trish, against LayCool, Ziggler, and Vickie? Magnificent. Aside from the latter, you really can’t go wrong with this mash-up. Oh wait. Snooki is nestling into that match, right? Good feeling gone.

7. Rey against Randy was surprisingly entertaining, and I dare say a bit enthralling. I was, however, a bit disappointed that the match was cut short, just so that some woman could shriek and wave her hands around, but I liked the gist. I can’t wait to watch these two tear each other apart.

8. Once I saw the table Miz was motioning to, I knew it had to be a new belt. Images of spinning logos and…whatever the hell Jeff Hardy did to his belt…ran through my head. I was a little fearful. But Miz’s experiment was a success, as it was very, very subtle, and the symbolism of it all made him look like he belonged there. When will they be selling those online?

9. I’m going to hate myself for saying this, so pretend it never happened…Cena had a great line in this episode. Once it was revealed that he was in the stadium, and not at home, he acted confused, “I thought I was supposed to be shooting this at home?” He then claimed that he had been shooting it from home…for the last 9 years. The WWE is his home, and this brought a rare smile to my face.

10. This is less of a thought, and more of a closing. I had fallen out of rhythm with watching Raw, and never found the desire again. But this episode kind of restored that faith. I saw great promos that made me wish it was the 3rd already. I watched decent matches that allowed the men (and women) to just do their thing. I know it’s just that time of year, but I do hope it continues, as I have missed Raw dearly.

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