House – Episode 7-17 Review

The writers went way to far with the gimmicks–monster truck, toy helicopters, Green Card marriage–but I laughed quite a bit during the episode, something I never do when watching House. Knowing the writers decided to throw a bunch of random antics into the episode so House could bug Cuddy, I rolled with it, despite how unreasonable it was. And the final twist of the patient being a cannibal was especially hilarious with the previous discovery of bones in his colon.

As far as the actual medical stuff this week, it was mainly a distraction to the main show, House, in post-relationship turmoil, being mean to Cuddy, who, after giving substantial leeway to House, tells him to cut it out. At the end of the episode, House is married but both he and Cuddy are still suffering in their own way.

Score: 8.6/10