Pulse Wrestling WWE NXT Report: 03.22.2011 – Lucky Cannon, Byron Saxton, Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, Jacob Novak, Conor O’Brian

I apologize for the late post. Your favorite neighborhood Kue was sidelined with a migraine. Although late, arrive I have with this week’s recap.

NXT Redemption is on, friends. Theme song and hollyhoo leads to Matt Stryker and Maryse welcoming us to our rookies. Maryse mistakes Novak as the Redemption points leader, who actually is Titus O’Neil. She apologizes with a lovely little hug and air kiss. So, she says sorry by being a tease? I hate TV-PG. A “Battle of the Mics” ensues. First contestants are Jacob Novak and Byron Saxton. Novak bombs. Atomically. Saxton easily wins. Titus O’Neil and Conor O’Brian….wow, two parts of a charisma vacuum. O’Neil wins. Darren Young and Lucky Cannon. The latter shows some potential as a heel promo. Sadly, Young wins due to not bashing the crowd. So, somehow, Darren Young wins this whole thing. This was definitely worth the buffering I had to go through to watch this.


We recap last week’s NXT challenge. Well, it’s good to see a recap of something other than Raw. I suppose that’s something, right?

Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil

Lock up leading to Young getting the advantage. Irish whip reversed by O’Neil, who hits a clothesline. He picks up Young for a bodyslam for a nearfall. Young gets whipped, but reverses with a forearm to the back of the head. He starts choking O’Neil with the bottom rope. Snapmare and Young gets a nearfall, leading to a chinlock. Note that the pros for these two are Chavo and the fucking midget. O’Neil fights back with token offense. Young counters with a headlock, but gets whipped into a backbreaker. O’Neil gets a nearfall. Young fights back and whips O’Neil to the corner. O’Neil reverses and whips Young to the corner, tries to go for a splash, but Chavo pulls Young out of the way. This leads the fucking midget to grab Chavo’s ankle. Young gets pushed into Chavo and walks right into a Sky High for the pin.

Winner: Titus O’Neil via Pinfall


Taker and Trips promo. This promo, with several superstars and legends weighing in, is actually rather awesome. I particularly liked Arn Anderson’s thoughts. And why can’t Book be this good at commentary on a regular basis?

Backstage antics with Lucky Cannon and Yoshi Tatsu. Maryse comes in and slaps both of them. Tatsu slaps Cannon. And I feel like I’ve just watched a rerun of “Flavor or Love”.


Lucky Cannon video package. This dude definitely has the charisma of Brian Kendrick. And he’s quoted Sheen, which is….kinda dated. Let’s see if this can take the kid places.

Vladimir Kozlov/Conor O’Brian vs. JTG/Jacob Novak

After the intros, Stryker comes out and….announces this contest to be a dance off. Stryker, I thought you were my friend. Kozlov and Conor win. Shamefully.

Commercial. Recap of “MIZ-story”. I find it funny how so many of us are whining about the Miz/Cena/Rock build and the way it’s being focused when, in all honesty, it’s highlighting every attribute that really distinguishes each character and has held to each of their continuity. More on that on this week’s “Kue’s Korner”.

Lucky Cannon vs. Byron Saxton

Lock up leads to Cannon backing Saxton in the corner and getting in a few kicks. Saxton fires back and hits a few shoulder thrusts. Tyson Kidd distracts Saxton long enough for Cannon to hit a big boot for a nearfall. Knee to the back of Saxton and a chinlock applied by Cannon. A few kicks and a neckbreaker leads to Cannon getting another nearfall. Saxton is caught in another chinlock, but he fights out, only to get a kick to his midsection. Saxton reverses a neckbreaker and hits a back elbow, a bit more offense, and a flying elbow on Cannon for a nearfall. Cannon hits a few kicks, tries a potential FU, but Saxton fights out, only to be thrown shoulder first into the post. Cannon picks Saxton on his shoulders and drops him down almost spear-like for the win. Nice finisher.

Winner: Lucky Cannon via pinfall

Yoshi Tatsu comes in to check on Saxton, but Cannon hits his finisher on Tatsu for good measure. Hmm, well, a storyline? On NXT? Shocking.

That’s that, ladies and gents. See you in this week’s “Kue’s Korner”.

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