The Good Wife 2011 Spoilers: Will The Good Wife Become The Good Ex-Wife?

After the shocking episode of The Good Wife, some new details are emerging.

After it was revealed that Kalinda once slept with Alicia’s husband. While Alicia doesn’t know about it yet, she will soon. The show’s creators revealed more of what is to come on the show.

Robert King said “you’re going see in the next five episodes the repercussions. If it was a big rock thrown into a pond, there are all these ripples now, carrying their own elements of surprises with them.”

As for whether Alicia will divorce and become the good ex-wife?

King said: “That’s a good question, and that’s not even saying where we might go. The Good Wife was always meant to be partly ironic – it’s what people saw when the woman stood by her man. So then the question was, “Is she truly a good wife?” And Alicia, as played by Julianna [Margulies], is showing that there’s a goodness that moves beyond being a wife or not. So our argument would be that as long as the show stays within the realm of what happens to the wife of a politician, the woman who stands by her man, it’s still true to the original concept.”