The Good Wife – Episode 2-17 Review

Wow! Now that’s how to end an episode! Excuse me for my excitement, but The Good Wife is one of the only shows on television which literally leaves me giddy at the end of an episode  All the relationships have been carefully crafted since the first episode and now we see everything intertwined in the best way possible.

Let’s start with the case, Alicia representing crime boss Lemond Bishop whose wife wants a divorce. They can’t agree on anything, including custody and money, which Bishop has a lot in illegal activity but little in legitimate business. There are veiled threats everywhere and the two parties are prepared to go to court. As the episode progresses we don’t necessarily feel that Bishop is too bad of a guy and his son certainly humanizes things. Then, the writers bring us back to reality, as the opposing lawyer comes back with news that Bishop’s wife overdosed. Damn!

But what’s more impressive than that are the subplots. Blake has considerable dirt on Will, saying something about Will’s theft and how he covered up for him back in the day. Childs is specifically going after Lockhart Gardner, with Blake as a willing witness. With Kalinda subpoenaed by the grand jury, Alicia advises her not to say anything.

If things couldn’t get even better, Kalina, played expertly by Archie Panjabi, turns the tables, using the information that Bishop’s wife may have been having an affair to imply that it was in fact Blake she was seeing, painting a target on his back, thus running him and his ability to testify out of town. Kalinda stays very quiet while talking with Alicia, keeping the truth close to the vest, but is absolutely perfect when lying.

Somehow, the writers manage to top themselves yet again, using the final meeting between Blake and Kalinda to drop a huge bombshell, that Kalinda has been cosying up to Alicia because she slept with Peter in return for changing her identity. What?!?!?!?

Score: 9.7/10