Justified – Episode 2-7 Review

After the way last week’s episode was resolved, and my habit not watching the promo, I didn’t expect anything more. As far as I could tell, the money stuff was done since the hundred dollar bill was recovered and all was well and good. Even if the writers didn’t go further than that, I would be okay. But the writers decided to push the plot further as well as bring everything else together, reminding us that Justified isn’t a simple procedural. Perhaps this is a case of lowered expectations, but I was darn impressed by “Save My Love,” which felt like an episode of The Shield, with the main character running around so the authorities can’t find the money.

The episode begins with what would seem like a cliffhanger from last week’s episode, Winona waking up to tell Raylan that her hundred dollar bill had its corner torn off and none of the bills match. And then she drops the bombshell that she stole all the cash. Suddenly, it makes a lot more sense why she’d steal money, since the amount she has now is actually worth something versus a measly $100. She is no longer purely stupid but also a little greedy and opportunistic.

Raylan, of course, is fuming underneath, but agrees to help her as always. Through the misdirects, near-misses, bomb threat, and money bag almost being opened, Raylan prevails in the end, stashing the money away. If the money is eventually found, it can be attributed to someone messing up years ago since the communication between the closed bank and the Marshalls has already been so muddled. The real consequence is that Raylan and Winona aren’t on great terms anymore, and there’s a good possibility Art knows something fishy is going on

Boyd gets placed in an interesting situation, hired by the coal company as “security,” which includes handling the Bennetts. Once again, Raylan and Boyd may have converging interests and end up fighting side by side despite their obvious animosity.

Meanwhile, Gary wants Wynn Duffy, a member of the Dixie Mafia, to help him with his horse thing. He just doesn’t know when to give up.

Score: 9.4/10