Kue’s Korner: ‘Mania’s Mizness; The Rationale Behind the Build

Bonjour, mi amore. Welcome to the lovely little Korner we’ve come to know as Kue’s. I’m your diligent and delicious host, Jonah Kue, and I’ve come this week to play rationale-creator with you. As my ears and eyes have been aware, this week has been particularly full of gripes about the build to our favorite Stage of the Immortals. Some of them are rather justified. Yet, some…..I just can’t help but notice some reading has gone unread in some areas between the lines. Well, let’s address these little gear-grinders, shall we, folks?

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Funny how everybody’s in a bit of an uproar about the biggest draw for this year’s ‘Mania. I’m speaking, of course, about the ever-so-promo’d-up Miz/Cena/Rock angle. Though the promos have been very entertaining, it seems that so many of us are seeing red at the issue of Rock/Cena taking center stage, while Miz, our esteemed champion, is left in the back burner of the challenger’s and guest host’s minds. Therefore, this build apparently leaves a lot to be desired, right? Not exactly.

Let’s think character for a minute, friends. Character and motivation. Our friend, Mike Mizanin, has been looked at as a paper champion. He himself has stated this over and over again. Yet, at every instance since becoming the champion, he’s come out on top. Why should this particular feud be any different? Think about it. The Miz’s character is based upon being underrated, overlooked, and in every way underestimated. He thrives on proving people wrong. Every one of his promos has “I Told You So” written all over it. Even in this particular build, he has openly stated that he’s being seen as an afterthought by Cena and the Rock. Not only that, but he’s made statement after statement on a weekly basis to prove that he’s legitimate. This is what one would call staying true to character.

Now, I’ll admit that the Miz’s championship reign could have been stronger. I’ll even admit to this build being a bit slow when it came to Miz being noticed as a threat (not to mention that horrible background music The Great One had while addressing The Awesome One). But all in all, Cena and the Rock have looked like two guys so invested in each other that the Miz has been able to capitalize each and every time. So, as far as the build goes, I believe it’s doing its job.

As for the blue squad, I find it a bit cluttered. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very much looking forward to Del Rio taking the belt from Edge and ushering in a new era of feuds for 2011. But the addition of Christian is basically guaranteeing this angle will not end on April 3rd. Either Del Rio puts Edge on the shelf, leaving us with the obvious feud between the new champ and Christian, or Christian turns on Edge, and we have to suffer through Edge vs. Christian 2011. The latter has its obvious problems. The former would be fantastic if we hadn’t seen Christian and Del Rio in singles matches against each other in the past few renditions of Smackdown. Either way, it seems a bit lackluster. Hopefully, the draft will bring a worthy face for Del Rio to defend against (cough cough MORRISON cough).

Now, for those of you complaining about the midcarders getting lost in the shuffle for ‘Mania, all I can say is relax. Honestly, the theme of this year is the obvious nostalgia factor. That, and the typical celebrity bullshit (fake tan and all. No, not you, Randy). With the Miz in the title picture and Del Rio primed to take his gold, we’re transitioning into a new era. Think of this as a solid goodbye/celebration of the old. Because we can’t move forward without saying goodbye, now, can we?


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