Lights Out – Episode 1-11 Review

Since the first episode, Lights Out hasn’t fully returned to the idea that Lights would be immersed in criminal activity, instead turning towards the boxing aspect of the show. However, with the season, and possible series, finale in two weeks, the show turned towards the criminal aspect of the show, and with so much going on, there is still a scheduled fight.

“Rainmaker” is the nickname of a former boxer, Jerry (David Morse), who has taken too many punches in his career. Lights, showing his endless need to help everyone despite the circumstances, invites Jerry to the gym. Jerry is a great point of reference to Lights, who already has some brain damage, and can clearly see how bad it is for Jerry.

Meanwhile, the councilman, who Lights delivered the “cake” to earlier in the season, is caught in a prostitution racket. Consequences are finally upon Lights for his criminal activity, and I’m glad the writers didn’t not forget about that. The attention then turns on Lights who is pushed and pulled by Brennan and those around him. What’s most surprising is not that the councilman gets beaten into a pulp for his silence, but that it was in fact Jerry, the lovable, addled former boxer, payed by Lights to do the job.

Score: 9.1/10