Mr. Sunshine – Episode 1-7 Review

While “Celebrity Tennis” isn’t perfect, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. The two plots cross over from time to time and there is a scene where 5 characters are sitting together (I know, incredible!). Alice and Alonzo still don’t talk to any character other than Ben, but baby steps are fine.

Since the first episode, Mr. Sunshine hasn’t touched the relationship issues at all between Alice, Alonzo, and Ben, which is curious since Alice was billed as Ben’s girlfriend. It’s good to know the writers haven’t let that go, and they generate a plot out of that–Alonzo somehow not knowing about Ben and Alice. In the end, Ben isn’t too bad of a guy, not trying to win Alice back and telling Alonzo he should have Alice. And Ben does get what he wants in the end, affirmation that he’s not bad in bed.

I still feel uneasy about Crystal and Roman because they waffle between all-out crazy to intelligently sweet all the time, and they do that several times in the episode, with Crystal continuing not to know what to do with Roman (She should have learned by now that talking to him and be upfront is the best solution.) and Roman being a general dope. The plot is quite good, however, with the lawyer hovering around to prevent Roman from suing.

Score: 8.8/10