Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Supersters – 03.24.2011 – Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd, Chris Masters

Hello again, one and all, to another recap of WWE Superstars. Lets get to it!

Tyler Reks vs. Chris Masters
We get another installment of what has been an impressive series of matches between these two with Masters riding quite the winning streak.
The two grapple in the middle of the ring, Masters takes the early advantage until Reks lands a kick to the gut and Reks takes over. Masters is able to use Reks’ momentum against himself and Reks is thrown out of the ring where Reks shows some aggravation before returning to the ring. Masters is still in control and tries to use the Masterlock but Reks thwarts that attempt and lands a chop block. The two men exchange blows until Reks finds himself going over the ropes and on to the mat once again as we head to commercials.
We return and Reks has all the momentum as he works on the legs of Masters but it only amounts to a two count. Reks continues to stomp away until Masters lands a couple punches but Reks isn’t haven’t any of it and Reks puts Masters into a leg lock. Masters kicks Reks into the corner and then tries to get a rollup pin but only gets two. Masters lands a couple punchs and a chop and then Masters lands a Samoan Drop and then takes control. He hits a spinebuster and a pin but another 2 count. Reks manages to take control of things and pulls off what Matt Striker calls a “Flatliner” for another two count. Reks goes for another leg hold but Masters counters into the Masterlock and Reks goes limp. Masters wins by submission and the win streak continues.

We now relieve the tag match from Smackdown between The Corre and Kane-Show. I’m left speechless that they’re actually showing something from Smackdown. Huh, who knew?

The Great Khali & Yoshi Tatsu vs. The Uso’s
Khali comes out with his midsection in wraps and is selling a rib injury, anybody know where that came from? I can’t remember.
Anyways, we start off with Yoshi and Uso 1. Yoshi starts flying around the ring and Uso 1 can’t quite catch him but he does catch a nasty chop by Yoshi that carried an impressive snap to it.. Yoshi continues the fast pace and gets a rollup pin for two. Yoshi continues to control things until Uso 1 takes a punch and a couple kicks and Yoshi finds himself out of the ring where Uso 2 lands a clothesline. Uso 1 brings Yoshi back in the ring and gets a over for a two count and then tags Uso 2 in to continue control and Uso 1 is tagged back in. Uso 1 dominates for a short time before tagging in Uso 2 who lands a nasty sounding kick to the stomach of Yoshi. Yoshi gets slammed again and Uso 2 goes for a drop but Yoshi moves out of the way. Uso 2 gets a quick tag and Uso 1 leaps out to stop Yoshi from getting a tag in. Yoshi lands a spinning heel kick and tags in Khali, who just manhandles Uso 1. Uso 2 tries to interfere but is swatted away. Khali nails the Punjabi Plunge and awkwardly hobbles over Uso 1 for the pin and gets it. Yoshi and Khali get the win.

We get to watch the package of Superstars’ (the people, not the show) response to the Taker/HHH shenanigans, seeing as how the two men have kinda failed on their own promos but thats another Rager (shameless plug) for another time.
After this, we get a rundown of the Wrestlemania 27 card. Geez, I’m ready for this to happen.

Daniel Bryan & Gail Kim vs. Tyson Kidd & Melina
i wonder if we’re gonna get a repeat of a couple weeks ago when everybody turned and attacked Kidd. Anywhom, the ladies start things off by locking up in the ring and Melina powers Kim into the corner until Kim lands a few counters. Wow, Gail Kim is actually fun to watch, who knew? Kim tags Bryan who hoists Kim onto his shoulders and drops her onto Melina. Kidd comes running in and Bryan picks up Kim and throws her legs into Kidd. Bryan lands a dropkick and gets a two count out of it. Bryan continues to take control until Kidd counters with a kick and then a double kick that leaves Bryan on his back. Kidd takes over from there with another impressive sounding kick to the back of Bryan’s head. Kidd tries a sleeper but Bryan escapes and starts kicking Kidd around and gets another two count. Kidd manages to push Bryan into his corner. The ref turns his back and Melina starts chocking Bryan. Kidd starts taking his time and tries to use the Sharpshooter until Bryan moves away and tries, himself, to use the LaBelle Lock. Kidd manages to move to the edge of the ring and then falling out of it. Melina runs over to slap Bryan and Gail Kim avenges her boyfriend by landing a dropkick on Melina. Bryan jumps off the apron and lands a flying knee on Kidd as Kim lands a Crossbody on Melina as we cut to commercial.
We return with Bryan throwing Kidd’s face into the turnbuckle and Bryan lands a few kicks and throws Kidd, who catches the ropes and scrambles to tag Melina. Gail Kim comes flying out and takes control. Kim uses a leglock until Melina kicks out of it and Kim misses on the Crossbody and Melina takes over and starts screaming and yelling. Melina goes for the cover but Kim kicks out at two. Kim rolls up Melina but doesn’t even get one. Melina gets in a kick for another pin but two. Melina locks in a Nelson with her legs. Melina tries to roll over but Gail counters into a body stretch. The two let go and come running back at each other and both slamming the other’s head into the mat. Both try crawl to their respective corners. Both get the tag and both men start flying around but its Bryan with the advantage. Bryan goes to the top rope but Melina messes with his footing and drops before Kim runs over to drop Melina on her face and Kim throws Melina back into the ring for some strange reason. Kidd jumps up to the turnbuckle but Bryan pushes him off. Bryan stands up on the turnbuckle as Gail Kim does the same on the adjacent turnbuckle and both land dropkicks. Ah, I see what they did there. Bryan gets Kidd into a fresh LaBelle Lock and Kidd taps. Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim wins.

Thats is for this one, folks. This was fun as always and that last match was pretty impressive, I’m sure my recap isn’t even close to how good that match was. Let me just say, I didn’t really watch Superstars before I began doing this recap but now that I do, I believe its a shame the show is seeing its final days. I don’t know where some of these guys and gals will get any face-time. Stay tuned, I might Rage about this next week (another plug).
Have a great weekend, everybody!

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