Rabblecast #224 Cena Upsets GLAAD, Quest MIA?, and WM Top 10 Lists

With less than two weeks to go to one of the biggest shows of the year in Wrestlemania 27, the WWE is dominating the news boards. As always the case in “the business” plans are ever changing and deals are always being made. Recently we got Snooki in what was just a “Guest Host” but now she’s in a six person tag match at WM27. What else can happen in the short time before WWE invades Atlanta, Georgia?

On this week’s show:

  • Cena’s promos catch the attention of GLAAD
  • Chyna challenges Snooki
  • WWE is promoting Bruno Sammartino to be at the HoF, will this happen?
  • One host in studio? What happened to Myke?


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