Reality Dish Interview w/Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal – The Amazing Race Unfinished Business [Podcast]

My favorite team on The Amazing Race 14 were the redheads. They were stunning beautiful, exceptionally smart and I thought that they would have no problems sailing to victory. I was almost right because they were as close as you could get and except for a bad cab driver or two, they were right there. They definitely had “unfinished business” and in that respect, I was not surprised that they were invited back to try again. A lot had changed for the pair since the last time that I had talked to them. Jaime was now a Playboy Playmate. Cara was married. But I was convinced that the more things changed, the more they would stay the same as I would expect more Amazing Race domination. If not for a U-Turn, I think they still would have been incredible threats to win again. I caught up with the former NFL cheerleaders to discuss how they felt about Kent and Vyxsin’s time penalty, whether mother/son & father/daughter teams have an advantage, why there were so many teams from their original season this time around and Jaime’s connection a Celebrity Apprentice runner-up?!

Check it out!

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